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How to Develop Small Space Apartments Effectively

Updated on October 12, 2011

Adjusting to a More Relaxed City Life: Develop Your Small Apartments into a Relaxing Ambiance

"There's just no room for everything!"

This has become one of the most common lines of people living in small apartments in the city. Because of the high rent-rate in the city areas, people would settle for small space rooms or apartments just so to have a place to live in after a full stressful day. However, due to the fact that that the rent of such places is low rate, it could be expected that the rooms or apartments may not have what everyone wants in their place. There are even instances when because of the clutter, relaxation in such abode of retreat is just impossible.

Question is, is it even possible to transform these small space apartments to become more relaxing and more welcoming to the ones residing in it?

If you are among those who are hoping to find solution to your space issues, it would help if you consider five primary elements that make a room or small space apartments more comprehensive with the desire of each resident to become well relaxed and rejuvenated when at home.


Among the five elements that need to be given attention to include the following:

A) Color: wall colors could either tone down or extend the size of any room. In this case, it has been realized by interior designers that brighter hues of colors provide rooms a good essence of being widened out. Choosing the right color to widen out the room also provides a seemingly better way of making the entire area more relaxing. What makes the hues more inviting? The decision would of course depend on the resident of the home. If you are renting a pad or an apartment, before deciding to recolor the walls, it is important to get the permission of the owner first.

There are instances when you might also opt to incur color-mixture or a patterned wall. this is effective especially in showing the difference of each section of the apartment without the need of putting up walls. Observe though that color transition is important when choosing the right color pattern for your room.

When choosing a good color pattern, it is important to consult with a good color palette that would provide you with the right concept of how you would use color hues of the same color shade to transcend room differences in the open wall.
When choosing a good color pattern, it is important to consult with a good color palette that would provide you with the right concept of how you would use color hues of the same color shade to transcend room differences in the open wall. | Source

B) Built-in and built-up wall storage areas: small cabinets, hang-on shelves and other built-in/built-up storage areas could best help in keeping the clutter off the floor. Remember that a wide or open floor-area does provide the illusion that a room is wide enough and also gives an ambiance of properly organized room.

C) Multipurpose Furniture: You'd be amazed to know that there are different websites in the internet that provide do-it-yourself projects that would make it easier for you to make multipurpose furniture that suits your style and your space. If you want ready-made furniture to fill your space, be sure to get the right measurement of your place and the furniture to make sure that these items do not cloud-out your free areas in the room or the house.

D) Keep it Clean and Orderly: There is nothing more irritating than a cluttered home. Large or small spaces, the area becomes hard to relax in if the area is not practically arranged and cleaned. All the more if the areas are small enough to fit certain items. Clutter should be avoided at all times. Discipline should be considered in making this happen.

E) Bring some of the "Green" In: For the sake of making your home a more inviting and relaxing abode, make sure to put in some low-maintenance indoor plants. This does not only help brighten up the room, it also provides the resident of the house to have a fresh source of oxygen straight from the greenery.


In the process of desiring to create a nice abode for yourself and your family or other friends who stay in the same room or apartment, it is always important to remember that it is your discipline in keeping the area clean and well organized that will determine the relaxing ambiance of your place whether it is a small or a large space.

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