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Decorating Your Bathroom Around a Wood Bath

Updated on October 20, 2013
Emperor Oak Wood Bath by Boundary Bathrooms (No longer available!)
Emperor Oak Wood Bath by Boundary Bathrooms (No longer available!) | Source

Wood baths are an absolutely beautiful addition to bathrooms that provide a natural bathing experience and give an air of luxury immediately to your bathroom. However, the problem with wood baths is that they're not going to look good in any bathroom situation. Sticking them in a completely white bathroom with white fittings is an absolute no-no as it will simply clash, so if you're going to get a wood bath you're also going to need to change the style of your bathroom. Wood baths are expensive, and if you have to re-decorate your bathroom as well costs can quickly mount up so keep this in mind if you're absolutely sure about getting one.

This Hub gives you a few ideas about how you can decorate your bathroom accordingly when you've installed that expensive wood bath, because you don't want it to look horribly out of place when you've just emptied your pockets.

Peace Lily
Peace Lily | Source
  • Wood flooring. You'd be right in thinking that solid wood or laminate floorings aren't exactly suitable for the bathroom, as water can discolour and warp the flooring. However, hardwood flooring such as bamboo or teak can work well as they are resistant to water (although always check with the manufacturer that it's suitable for a bathroom environment first). Engineered wood and certain laminates made with PVC can also withstand water, so you've still got plenty of options. The bottom line is that wood floorings look fantastic in the bathroom, giving it that thoroughly natural look and perfectly complementing a wood bath.
  • Don’t overdo it on the wood. There’s nothing wrong with going down the natural route and incorporating wood around the bathroom aside from your wood bath. I’ve already mentioned wood flooring, but having wood basins, teak storage cabinets and wicker baskets create a beautiful distinctive aesthetic around a wood bath. However, what you should never do is have wood panelling on your walls if you already have a wood floor as it just looks overdone and tacky. If you absolutely insist on doing this only have panelling halfway up the wall, or just covering one wall, but personally I’d avoid this completely.
  • Natural colours and hues. You've got bit more leeway when it comes to wood in the bathroom as wood will go with a wide range of colours. However, in my opinion it's good to pair light wood with darker colours and dark wood with lighter colours. My personal preference is to have earthy tones in your bathroom when you've got a wood bath and floors, such as light reds and browns or tan walls, creating a relaxing spa feeling. You can even pair wood baths with creme colours, but like I said before make sure the bath isn't the only wood thing in the bathroom if you're going for this as it will just look out of place.
  • Lighting. Try to avoid bright bathroom lighting as wood baths will look a lot better in low light conditions. Wall fixed lights on each side of the bath can illuminate it and make it even more the focal point of the bathroom, plus sticking scattering some candles around when you're in the bath creates a more relaxing mood.
  • Put some plants in your bathroom. I'd recommend plants for any bathroom, not just those with wood baths. They create a refreshing air to the room, turning it into your own personal tranquil oasis. They also obviously add to the natural look you're trying to achieve with your wood bath. Bamboo is a good choice for a bathroom with a wood bath, as are peace lily's, but whatever plant you feel fits your bathroom will do.
  • Natural seagrass rugs. There is some debate about whether or not these should be placed in the bathroom. While natural fibre rugs might seem like a good fit if you’re going for a more natural looking bathroom the truth is that it’s best keeping them away from wet areas like bathrooms. However, if you insist on having one in your bathroom (admittedly they do look superb) then a protective coating needs to be applied. It’s also advisable to keep it as far away from the bath or basin as possible.

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    • profile image

      Beth37 4 years ago

      That is beautiful... the copper one too.

    • boundarybathrooms profile image

      Thomas Mulrooney 5 years ago from Colne, Lancashire, UK

      Thanks! Yep, I must admit they're not a very common site.

    • Lipnancy profile image

      Nancy Yager 5 years ago from Hamburg, New York

      Very informative hub. I have never seen a wooden bathtub before.