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Decorating a 6 Year Old Girl's Bedroom

Updated on May 8, 2012

Bright and cheery, just like my niece!

Before, this room was dark, dingy and not pleasing to the eye. Not even a little bit. The walls were "nicotan" (nicotine stained) and the paneling was dark, DARK wood.

My niece, Kyleigh, loves bright green. So, I decided to "go big or go home". White paneling and "chopped chive" for the walls.

I opted for bright polka dot curtains and bedding, mainly because they remind me of Kyleigh.

I chose a penguin accent pillow to highlight Kyleigh's love of penguins. She really digs 'em.

With the closet doors, I thought stripes would be nice against the lines in the paneling. I continued the stripes theme by adding a nice striped rug and the striped throw blanket on the bed (mom hand made that for me a couple of years ago).

I found the peace sign water creature wall decals in my closet and realized that they're perfect for her room. I, then, painted two custom art pieces to finish off the room. It's bright, crazy and amazing. I'm in love with it and I know Kyleigh will be. (She lives in Florida and is coming to visit me in June!)

All together, I spent about $70 to paint and redecorate this room. $30 on paint, $30 on curtains and $10 on new hardware for the closet doors. Everything else, I found around the house or made myself.

The idea behind this design was to create something she would be able to grow into and I believe we've accomplished that.

You need to decorate a little boy's room? No problem!

You just need to choose a darker color on the top portion of the walls and stripes, instead of polka dots, for the bedding and curtains.


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