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Decorating a Large Wall

Updated on October 27, 2010
antique Chinese porcelain plate
antique Chinese porcelain plate
Borneo tribal art
Borneo tribal art
oversized canvas more than 6 feet wide
oversized canvas more than 6 feet wide

There are several ways to decorate a large wall. Decorating big empty spaces can present quite a dilemma to a home owner or interior decorator because there's so much space to cover. There are some ways to fill up that boring plain wall with artwork. You can choose from a variety of choices below.

Paint - Your first choice would be the obvious, which is to paint the wall. You will have to paint before you can decorate a large wall. The color of your paint can achieve a general effect of enlarging or minimizing the size of your wall and room. Light colored paint or pastel shades can make a large wall look even bigger. Painting stripes along the width of the wall also creates an illusion of bigger space. Dark colored paint makes a room cozier. Adding borders also makes the wall feel smaller.You can also have an artist paint a mural on your wall.

Framed artwork - Another way to decorate a large wall is to hang several framed photographs and art prints all over a big wall. A wall full of photographs tells a story and is a good ice breaker.Photos of your children, vacations in foreign countries, and old pictures of ancestors make good framed art. Art prints of your favorite classic paintings from van Gogh to Monet are also good choices to decorate a large wall.

Paintings - Hanging paintings is a common solution to decorate a large wall. You can hang several canvas wall art or mount one oversized painting to fill up that big space in one effort. Oversized canvas wall art can solve this problem easily. There are one piece oversized paintings and multi-piece canvas wall art that create one large artwork.This option can resolve the task at hand, which is to decorate a large wall, with the least amount of work.

Wall mounted artwork - There are many types of art pieces that fall under this category. There are art pieces you can place on shelves and some that can be mounted directly on the wall. Some of these are rugs you may have bought from your trip to Morocco, Balinese wooden wall panels, hand blown glass art from France, antique plates and vases from your trip to China, tribal art from Borneo or your African safari trip, and Venetian masks from Italy.Showing off your souvenirs is a great way to decorate a large wall.

Mirrors - Many people place mirrors on their walls to add dimension to the room, and of course to decorate a large wall. Mirrors can be framed in intricately designed wooden frames. The frames add to the artistic decor.

Make some measurements before purchasing any wall art and consider your furnishings in the room.If you are going to install shelves take into consideration the sizes of the artwork you will place on the shelves.


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