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Decorating for a Women's Residence

Updated on May 6, 2013
Times Square, New York
Times Square, New York | Source

How to Decorate to Express Yourself

When I was first away from home in New York City, I was living in a women's residence there in New York. It was right in the downtown area. To me it was a very dull place and I had really wanted to go home at first. Later I met another girl who helped me to get around New York and showed me the city. Later I went to one of the get togethers that they had on the weekends on a Sunday. Really I went there a lot because they had sandwiches and there was no dinner there on Sunday. So, I went there and there were girls there talking about the residence and how they were a little upset with staying there and the rooms themselves. The rooms were a bit dull and it was very depressing to stay there really. It was also quiet all the time as if there was not one there if you did not know anyone.

There was a lot of complaints about wanting to move out and what to do there. Some of the girls started talking about how they had decorated their rooms. They had some of them had gone to travel agencies and asked them for posters. They said that it brightened up their whole rooms and that they felt better. Of course, it was not just the rooms that made them all homesick but that was a big part of it.

They said that the travel agencies might give them a little of a hard time, but if they had them they would give them to them. Later on I was to work in some of the travel companies in New York.

Later we went to visit the girl's rooms that day at their invitation. We went to one of the girl's rooms that I remember that was from Hawaii. She was Hawaiian, a nice looking girl. She talked about how really homesick she was for Hawaii. She said that the people there in New York did not smile. She said that even in a parade they did not smile at all. She said that it was not at all like Hawaii. But she had gotten a poster of Hawaii, a big one, to put in the room. It was really great and it filled up the whole room. You felt as if you were just about in Hawaii to be there. So that cheered me up quite a bit that day and inspired me.

There were a couple of the other girls that had us come to their rooms. There was another picture I remember of a beach. It was a big picture and you felt just as if you were sitting at a beach. Really I know you think it is there for a little while to be there but then the illusion fades. It would do for a little bit, but it was pretty good that way.

Also later I had met a girl from Thailand in the cafeteria. She invited me to go see her in her room and to talk. She had a table of a little town in Thailand with a hill and all sorts of buildings on it. She said that she was giving the pieces away. She was going to give a piece away to everyone that came to visit her in her room. It was quite nice and I thought a neat idea. So she gave me a little house, a metal one, with a thatched roof to take with me. It made it her own to have that in the room.

I decided to get a poster or two for my own room. I had a picture of Marlon Brand in "The Wild One" and I put it up. The maid had stopped by my door and told me that he was fat then.

It was a nice time then. It taught me a lot about adjusting to different situations. My aunt had said to me that your room is what you make of it.

Hawaii Rainbow

Hawaii rainbow, creative commons, M. Chai
Hawaii rainbow, creative commons, M. Chai | Source


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