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Decorating the Nursery with Animal Pictures: Lion

Updated on January 9, 2015

And The Lion Goes "Roar!"

Lion, who is often regarded as the king of all animals, is the strongest and most impressive if all big cats. Lions live in small communities with one dominant male regulating things and, unsurprisingly, eating the lion's share of the day's catch. Nature was unfair in giving the male all the looks - the lionesses can appear plain and uninteresting - yet their streamlined, fiercely elegant frame is perfect for hunting. Males rarely hunt; they use their explosive power for long sessions of mating and fighting off other males. I think there are vain, flashy, but fascinating creatures.

The question is: who wants their kid to be flashy and vain? Mind you, there's nothing wrong in either of the traits. More often than not they are the side effects of success, and we instinctively understand that. The mane that gives the animal the disproportionate ornate visage is the ultimate alpha attribute of power and leadership. And everybody - almost everybody - wants to be in charge, to be respected and admired. Humans are just more sophisticated than lions. Though, maybe in high school... with all the hairstyles... the kids are more obvious and direct in their ambitions.

Hanging a real lion photo in a children's room would be too much, but a cute non-predatory looking picture could present a nice alternative. If you are after the iconic look, but more fond of dogs, then hanging a picture of a poodle cut in a lion style is also a good option - these guys look ridiculously obscene, and don't even know it. Eventually, if your kid is choosing a lion as a favorite animal, he or she is already showing signs of character. Because these cats can appear unapologetically aloof and arrogant, responding positively to these characteristics must have taken a toll - and kids rarely do things they don't like. They can bear that toll - and like it.


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