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Children's Room Decoration with Animal Posters: Rabbits

Updated on January 9, 2015

Down the Rabbit Hole

Fur, big ears, whiskers, long jumps and a trembling heart form one of the cutest small creatures our planet has ever produced. Rabbits are iconic animals: the famous "rabbit hole" carries many connotations, thanks to Lewis Carroll, and magicians would be unemployed without their big-eared friends. I think it's pointless to hide that rabbits are also edible. They have, according to reports, delicious meat (like chicken, but sweeter), and their fur can be used for winter clothing. But because they copulate like... rabbits, extinction doesn't pose a threat. In some countries, there are quite big rabbit farming industries.

Warm and Fuzzy

Rabbits also make great pets. They are usually friendly, and they evoke protective feeling from the kids, teaching them how to care for the other. Rabbits are good alternative to ponies. If you can't or won't accommodate one in your apartment (I understand), a couple of rabbits should appease you child. They are the epitome of "warm and fuzzy." If you buy yourself a real rabbit, please tell me if it's true that if you hold a rabbit by its ears, it doesn't feel any pain. I'd like to know.

They Have Reasons

While one specimen is harmless, many rabbits reproducing without restrictions can pose a serious threat to farmers. Rabbits will eat what you grow and then hide in thorny bushes, if caught, until danger (you) passes. I read that in Australia and America they used to organize raids on rabbits and eliminate them by the hundreds - otherwise they would devour all the crops. I guess rabbits have all the reasons to be scared all the time, being blessed with a healthy appetite and almost no protective features except those long and high jumps. But then, running away is always a good strategy, for any animal out there. It just so happens that rabbits perfected it.


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