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Decorating with Kitchen Curtains

Updated on December 29, 2010

Choosing kitchen curtains provides a unique opportunity in most homes. Often kitchen windows are above a sink, looking out onto the backyard, or perhaps there is a sliding glass door leading out to the yard. In many cases, privacy is not the main priority for these treatments, as a homeowner may want to keep them easy to open. In many houses, the kitchen is the room where families and friends gather most frequently, meaning it is a high traffic area. Styles are as varied as families are, leaving the homeowner with lots of possibilities.

Café style kitchen curtains are a common choice. These are often a very basic shaped style, beginning mid-window and covering from there to the bottom. These can be hung with spring loaded curtain rods, or with more traditional hardware. They don’t obstruct the view through the top of the window, but do provide a little touch of color or texture. Lace kitchen curtains are another great choice. Because privacy is not the main goal, lace offers a pleasing option which is simple to hang and matches almost any style of decorating. If privacy is a concern, blinds or shades can be installed in addition to the lace. Valances are another popular choice for this room, with a wide range of styles and fabrics to choose from. For any type of treatment made with fabric, there are numerous ways to bring that same fabric into other parts of the room. Consider using it to upholster bar stools placed around a center island, or for seat cushions used on bench seating in a nook. A matching table cloth might be another choice to bring the fabric colors into the rest of the room.

If the home has a sliding glass door, it may prove to be more challenging to cover, but there are still many options. For high traffic homes, you may opt to go with simple vertical blinds in a neutral or complementary color. These come in a variety of materials and can easily be drawn aside to let in a great deal of light. If you are not worried about the traffic or kitchen spills, full draperies are of course an option. This treatment is likely to have a great impact on the room because of its size, so choose something neutral to let this blend in, or take the plunge to make this a bolder focal point for the entire room. Curtain valances on the other hand are a popular choice for kitchen windows since they are shorter than full length curtains but still add a lot to the room's decor.

Whether your kitchen is large or small, its windows have the potential to be a decorating point of interest. Have fun in this room, it’s a great spot to take come chances and explore your inner decorator.


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    • tnderhrt23 profile image

      tnderhrt23 7 years ago

      This hub caught my eye because I love to make curtains to dress windows! Recently bought 4 yards of bamboo print fabric on EBay for $1.00 a yard and made curtains for the kitchen and laundry room in my son's newly purchased house! Well written! Voted up!