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Decorating with Sheer Curtains

Updated on January 12, 2011

At one point or another, most people have seen sheer curtains, but many do not know the name. These kinds of fabric panels are lightweight, translucent window treatments that can be used either in conjunction with heavier draperies or as standalones to create a beautiful look in any room. They allow homeowners to let light into their homes, which can make rooms brighter, which helps to create the illusion of a larger area. Billowy and elegant, they allow people to balance their love of light with their need for privacy, creating the ultimate blend of style and function.

Sheer panels are unique window treatments in that they can allow people inside a house to see out through the curtain, yet prevent people from outside from clearly seeing what is happening indoors, giving homeowners a more secure sense of privacy. While these kinds of drapes can offer this increased privacy, for most buyers this is a bonus feature. Sheers are more often selected because they can create a soft and peaceful look inside a room. Because of the material from which they are made, these kinds of draperies allow light to filter through the fabric and to diffuse along its surface, creating a radiant glow in the daytime that can make any room instantly brighter.

For an elegant and classic look, sheer window curtains can be used in combination with regular, heavier draperies. Placed between the heavier curtains and the window, these window treatments can create a professional look for a fraction of the price of hiring an interior designer. Not only will they look spectacular, but the translucent fabric will also protect the heavier, more expensive drapes from fading and damage from the sun, extending their life for years. Sheers can also be used as standalone window treatments in rooms that don’t require a second, heavier window covering. Homeowners can use tie backs to hold the panels back from windows when they want the benefit of full sunshine illuminating their household. When electing to use these drapes as standalone panels, it is suggested to choose a light colored or metallic curtain rod to accentuate the brightness and airiness that these curtains can create.

When selecting this type, homeowners should keep it simple and choose white or ivory colored fabrics. Although available in many colors, interior designers often feel that colored panels can look cheap and throw off the color scheme in a room. White and ivory shades of fabric are classic and go with any room decor or wall colors, which is why they are the most popular colors chosen by designers and home decorators.

For homeowners who want to let a lot of light into their rooms while maintaining their privacy, sheer curtain panels are the perfect solution. Timeless and elegant, these drapes can create a soft and warm feel to any room, creating the perfect space to relax.


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