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Decorating with candles

Updated on May 22, 2013

The beauty and romance that some candles can transmit are undeniable and contribute to a warm and inviting decor. Practices, and multi-faceted economic candles are a mandatory decorative note in all homes, and the various environments created with them are easily renewable, depending on the season or mood.

Upstairs, downstairs

If you want a decorative candle with major "wow", you just have to put one in each step of a flight of stairs - inside door candle jars or suitable to be able to separate light whenever you want, or simply an effect purely for hostels decorative. Depending on available space, you can choose candles of varying size. When lit, have the same dramatic effect both inside and outside the home.

Star of the fireplace

If there are local in the house asking for candles in the d├ęcor, is on fire! Whether they are placed on it in a beautiful board, in candlesticks or inside glass cups; whether to fill the very opening of the fireplace (if you are not using it or in the summer) or leaning to one side of it (if usually light it ), the effect is very cozy. Bring a set of candles in different colors and sizes.

decorating with candles
decorating with candles

Lighted centerpiece

A table decoration is not complete if there are no candles on it. The versatility of these candles can be incorporated into the most diverse and creative ways in center pieces worthy of any professional decorator: just add a bunch of candles of different sizes (the same color or monochrome) and have a tray or place in a basket, displaying a row of tealights from one end of the table to the other is casual but elegant, a plate with several floors displaying candles becomes really tasty as well as a set of small candles floating in a bowl with water and some flowers. Just choose, shine and light!

Trapped in the cage

One of the current trends in interior decoration is the exhibition, inside the house, of empty vintage bird cages. To achieve a very cottage-chic look, fill the cage with some candles. By day the cage will be object of curiosity and conversation, and at night will be a nice company.

Lanterns light

Is there anything more charming than lanterns lit by candles and strategically placed on the windowsills, inside or outside the home? Using flashlights to display and light candles is still a safe way to have them spread a little around the house, from the kitchen to the office, going through the toilet / bathroom.


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