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Decorating with mirrors

Updated on May 20, 2013

Mirrors are a decorative element truly multifunctional - with or without frame, alone or in groups, modern or vintage, not only reflect what is happening around us, as visually enhance a space, lending it even a touch of beauty.

- Mirrors can skip the limits of their frames and are glued in order to line an entire wall or a pillar. An original idea that can replace, for example, a simple application of paint or wallpaper.

- Landing a huge mirror on the floor simply leaning against a wall, creates an impressive effect in any space and ultimately raise the mirror itself the subject of art and appreciation. Another advantage? Can be easily and quickly transported to another place ... perfect for those days when you feel like redecorating.

- Nothing more "wow" than duplicate the effect of mirrors, or hang two mirrors identical side by side on the table of entrance hall, a bedroom dresser, or the sink in the bathroom. For a more casual look, choose two different models.

decorating with mirrors
decorating with mirrors

- Use a mirror with a frame to cap a stunning little device used or to hide the imperfections of the walls.

- A vintage mirror, modern or with a dramatic frame can serve perfectly as headboard. Just divert the bed and lean, if it gets too low, place it on a wooden bench, for example. Alternatively, you can also hang the mirror from behind the bed.

- Exposing a dresser, vanity or console a set of mirrors with small hands or feet is an elegant way to gather and display a fine collection of mirrors.

- Besides being very dramatic post, a mirror on the ceiling of a room is an excellent choice for small spaces, or will contribute to make them look bigger than they actually are.

- A mirror with an unusual frame can serve as a central focus in a particular environment, even assuming the role of marking out a small corner.

- Do not restrict decorating with mirrors to vertical models only - get in that mirror and try to display or hang it horizontally. The difference can be huge ...

- Provisions of a whole wall, a set of mirrors exactly alike can form an exhibition of graphic art very interesting, while a completely different set of mirrors will create a more artistic and eclectic.

- Use a large mirror to frame a scene, or place it in front of an environment so that your reflection looks like a table when you are looking directly at the mirror.

- Apply a mirror at the bottom (and up the sides) of an unused fireplace to enhance the lighting and space to any living room or dining. For a cozy and romantic touch, place several candles in front of them and light them!

- Glued to doors or cabinets, mirrors can present themselves as an amazingly decorative and pointing at the same time, saving space.

- Instead of hanging over a table on the mantelpiece, why not try a mirror or several?

- Line one side of the shower door with a mirror - in addition to instantly expand any bathroom, get a little privacy and even a place to see while they arrange.

- Probably the last place you'd think to put a mirror is in a kitchen! Why not? Hung horizontally will give new life to an old kitchen and still is a great way to cover tiles already tired.

- To create a dramatic and elegant centerpiece, throw a mirror close to half of the table and arrange small vases with flowers on it. You can achieve the same effect with a smaller mirror or several small mirrors aligned.

- You can create the feeling there is a window more by hanging a mirror directly in front of an existing window - is still a good trick to reflect the outdoors inside.


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