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Decorating Your Front Yard With Vegetable Plants

Updated on August 31, 2019
mandalinlady profile image

Susan enjoys being creative with gardening and accents that add to the beauty that nature gives us. Its beauty and purpose is beautiful.

Creative Front Yard Vegetable Display

Why Front Yard Vegetable Gardening?

When you think of someone decorating their front yard, with plant life, you automatically think of flowers.

Yes, flowers indeed are beautiful to the eye, beautiful to the senses, and gives you a since of beauty, that God made available to all of us.

However, I wonder if any of us really took a good look at someone's well manicured vegetable garden. It is indeed beautiful in itself. The different colored green foliage of the different vegetable plants and the flowers they produce are a kind of beauty we all seem to take for granted. When the flowers wilt, and the plant begin to produce fruit, it is a picture of nature at it's very best. Most experienced gardeners also know the importance of flowers planted near or at the edge of their vegetable garden to promote pollination.

If you ever look at someone's front yard flower display, usually it has different accents, to make it look creative and add to it's beauty and creativity. What I have done in my front yard on one side was to make something different I had never done before. I grew vegetables in large pots. It has several different colors of green foliage. It has fruit of different vegetables already, and of course flowers for pollination. I also added planters to hold them, to add to the creativity and beauty of the garden. I hope this page will help stir your imagination, fill your stomach with nourishment, as well as enrich your life with the beauty of nature in all it's forms.

Green Lettuce

Green lettuce is the first vegetable, I began growing. It is a cool weather vegetable, so it definitely gave me a run for my money here in Delaware, this Spring. Our weather was either extremely wet, or a little too cool, so getting it started proved to be a challenge. However, since I planted the lettuce in a pot, it was a little bit easier to try to outwit Mother Nature. I found myself, bringing my pot of lettuce inside during heavy rain storm, and inside during nights that proved to cold. Finally the weather stabilized and so did the lettuce. It is quite beautiful to look at, and it will certainly be quite tasty to eat.

Green Lettuce

Beautiful Green Pepper Plant

The all favorite Green Bell Pepper plant, is included in my front yard vegetable garden. It's leaves gives a beautiful touch of beauty to the garden with it's dark green leaves, and attractive white blossoms. Of course the best is yet to come when those gorgeous blossoms wilt and behind it is the wonderful green bell pepper, that will give you nutrients and tasteful food to enjoy.

The All Popular Green Pepper

The Most Popular Tomato Plant

Most likely everyone would agree that the tomato plant is the most popular garden plant, that everyone seems to want to plant and grow. This is the most seen plant of God's wonder, that is seen in almost every back yard garden.

I have used this tomato plant, potted in a large pot, to help decorate the front of my house, in my own creative front yard vegetable garden.

The All Popular Tomato Plant

Yes Even the Beloved Green Bean Can Be Grown In Your Front Yard

Here it is, another all time favorite. The ever popular green bean. This vegetable has always been fairly easy to grow for most people. However, mostly it is found in rows in people's in ground gardens. I have proven here, that the popular bush green bean can be grown here is a large pot. They will also give you beauty as the grow, and eventually blossom. Green beans typically have either white, pink or purple blossoms. Those blossoms will eventually wilt and behind it is the edible delicious green bean, that are seen on people's dinner tables. Enjoy this great vegetable, even grown right in your front yard.

The World Wide Favorite The Green Bean

The Beauty of the Flower Pollinator

Every garden should if possible have a touch of color and fragrant flowers, to attract the bees, and add a special touch to your garden motif. I choose to put mine in attractive, unique planters, I collected over the years. The neighbors enjoy the creativity, the bees enjoy the nectar.

For Our Friends the Bees and For Our Pleasure

One Beautiful Flower is never enough

Enjoy God's Unbelievable Beauty

Spring is my favorite time of year. It is the season that God shows us the renewal of life. It is the time of year our food is grown, and the planet blossoms with new growth. Par take in the gift God gives to us all. Grow something that is beautiful. Grow at least one thing that will feed yourself, for as long as your body and mind will permit. This will always remind you of the wonderful planet God gave us to survive and thrive in. Thank you Dear Lord for your blessings.


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