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Decorations for Easter

Updated on February 22, 2014

Easter Eggs in a Plant

Decorating for this Important Spring Holiday

I have never done much decorating for the Easter Holidays. After buying Easter baskets for the kids, Easter cards for relatives, dressing the family for Easter services, followed by a special family meal, my plate was full. As an empty nester, I have more free time to decorate for those special times of the year.

I recently came across some great Easter decorating ideas to share. With some fresh ideas, who knows what interestingt creations could emerge next Spring!

My favorite find for the season was a beautiful green ivy plant with styrofoam eggs artistically placed throughout the greenery. It seems like such an easy project to complete, but one worth the time as it is such so warm and cheerful. Place this plant in an entry area to welcome visitors!

Trees with Easter Eggs

Do you have an artificial tree in the corner of the living or dining room? Hang Easter eggs on your tree to follow your decorating theme. The Easter eggs can be purchased at your local craft store. They are light, colorful and easy to work with.

Hang eggs in your favorite hanging basket on the porch or on a live tree or bush on your property. Your visitors will love your colorful Easter creation.

Bunnies, Bunnies Everywhere

Colorful and Fun

Do you have a coffee table, buffet, tea cart or some other flat area available for seasonal decor? Lay down a layer of Easter grass to cover the surface. Choose a couple of decorative Easter bunnies for your main focal point, Add colorful styrofoam eggs over the table surface. Kids will love this type of decoration. It can be used year after year to warm your home or office or any corner of a room.

Easter Vase

Find an elegant and colorful Easter vase for that special table or bookshelf. The colors in this piece are bright and appealing. Load it with Easter treats for extra fun! Vases for Easter can be elegant. Enjoy the search in your local hobby store. Make a vase for a fun Easter project with pieces of glass and some glue. You will enjoy having that special piece to share every year.

Decorated Cupcakes

For colorful cupcakes, add green or other pastel color sprinkles to the icing. Sprinkle with colored sugar for extra effect. Your family and visitors will appreciate your extra effort while they enjoy your baking. Add colorful jelly beans to create that Easter theme. Shop your local grocery store or hobby shop for special sprinkles and candies to use for your unique cupcakes or desserts.

Use your Imagination

Are the creative juices beginning to flow? Make an Easter wreath for your front door with colorful eggs or special flowers. Fill a clear vase or bowl with Easter eggs for a centerpiece or ornamental piece. Add a pastel ribbon around the container for a finishing touch.

Decorate the kitchen with special dish towels, floor rugs and accent pieces. Set your table with Easter in mind. Local stores sell placemats and tablecloths with themes that will complement your seasonal decorations. Shop for unique ideas and boldly use them for your Easter dinner with family and friends. Watch them enjoy your special creative work! Happy Easter!

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