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Decorative Chalkboards - Kitchen Chalkboards

Updated on November 14, 2011

Kitchen Chalkboards are a Must

Kitchen chalkboards are an absolute must, and having decorative chalkboards in your kitchen just makes things a little more interesting to look at.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, it's where everything happens. All the best conversations are had in the kitchen and it's definitely the hub of activity during a party.

So it's not surprising that as the place where everything happens it's also they place where most things need to be written down and remembered ~ which makes a chalkboard an invaluable asset in any kitchen.

Whether it's writing down items for the shopping list, making a note about which child needs to be taken to which activity when, or that there are birthday presents to be bought, having somewhere you can quickly jot a note down, then wipe it clean when you don't need the message any more makes for a smooth running household.

Decorative Chalkboards

Chalkboards come in all shapes and sizes and certainly don't need to be boring, in fact there are lots of funky chalkboards out there alongside the more traditional ones.

When you're looking for a decorative chalkboard for kitchen use there are a couple of things to think about such as what space you have available as this may limit the type of chalkboard you can have.

Chalkboards come in the traditional wall hanging or free standing hard board sort, peel and stick chalkboard decals or magnetic (which is great if the only space you have is on the front of the fridge).

Kitchen Chalkboard Decals

 These are great if you want something that looks really funky and different and they certainly work well but are not as durable as the hardboard ones so are probably more suited to light use that busy family life.

However they do come in the most fantastic shapes and you could always have a hard chalkboard for every day use and a peel and stick one just for show.

Solid Kitchen Chalkboards

 For heavy duty use you need a solid chalkboard.

Choose from traditional designs such as wall hanging vertical boards with a picture at the top, to a chef chalkboard or a rather funky coffee pot shaped chalkboard.

If you like to be ultra organised then a kitchen chalkboard with shelf option is perfect so you always know where the chalk or chalkboard pens are.

Chalkboard Markers and Pens

 It's important to use the correct chalkboard markers and pens to ensure you do not damage or permanently mark you board.


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    • profile image

      Julia 4 years ago

      I love these chalk markers, they're brilliant for everywhere around the house! I found these ones worked better than the chalk ink brand though:

    • WallStickerDecals profile image

      WallStickerDecals 7 years ago from US

      I wanted my kitchen to look like this one. Very much awesome.

    • whitton profile image

      whitton 7 years ago

      Great Hub! These are great ideas for the kitchen or any other place in the house for checklists or for the kids to draw on.