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Decorative Chalkboards for Kids Rooms

Updated on July 8, 2011

Decorative Chalkboards for Kids Rooms

Having decorative chalk boards in kids rooms is a great idea on many levels.

Not only do they provide entertainment and somewhere to write and draw, but as kids grow up and you become more like ships that pass in the night chalkboards provide a means of communication and somewhere to write messages ~ anything from 'Tidy your room' to 'Don't forget Granny's birthday'.

Unlike paper messages which are written then thrown away, just adding to the waste, the messages on the board can simply be wiped off so that each day you can start with a clean slate.

Write reminders of what they need to take to school or where they need to be using easily erasable chalkboard markers and pens and nothing important need ever be forgotten again.

Scotty (Dog Shaped Chalkboard with eraser), by FUZ
Scotty (Dog Shaped Chalkboard with eraser), by FUZ

Wall Chalkboards for Kids

Chalkboards for kids come in all shapes and sizes, from traditional rigid boards to chalkboard decals which can just be stuck to the wall.

There are character based chalkboards such as Mickey Mouse or Princesses, plus object shaped ones such as the guitar chalkboard, which means no matter the age or interests of your kids there will be a kids chalkboard to suit them.

Chalkboard Decals

Chalkboard decals are great for kids as they can be removed and replaced, and kids do like to move things around.

Much lighter than the traditional chalk board they also have the advantage that you don't need to do any sort of DIY with regard to sticking in nails or hooks to hang them up, just simply pick your spot, peel and stick.

Choose from Mickey Mouse, to Mushroom designs ~ or if your kids are always asking for a TV in their room you can get them a TV shaped chalkboard.

Solid Chalkboards

 These are more durable than their decal counterparts and depending on the model can either be fixed to a wall or free standing.

They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes including dogs, chickens, princesses and birds to name but a few.

A great addition to any kids room these chalkboards will make leaving messages a lot more fun.

Chalkboard Markers and Pens

 It's important when using chalkboards to use the correct chalkboard pens and makers so as not to leave permanent marks on the chalkboards.


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    • profile image

      Mitsy 2 years ago

      This was the most beautiful and fun wdndieg ever! Everything was perfedt and gorgeous.Meghan and her mom did everything with such class, and it all came together without a hitch!Meghan, you and Breck are an amazing couple, and this was an amazing wdndieg! I'm justsorry my boys missed it!I ordered two of my favorite pictures so I'd be able to look at them forever!

    • profile image

      Melva 2 years ago

      We will always rbeemmer this weekend as magical, but as our memories grow dim, we will have the fabulous pictures to relive every wonderful moment of the special day. Thanks to Meghan for working so hard to find just the right people for each job for this blessed occasion. Thanks to Breck for finding just the right girl!

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