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Decorative Display Cabinets

Updated on June 30, 2015

Modern bookcases and cabinets are functional to use for storage, as a home office work space or for display. Wall cabinetry is a unique home furnishing that fills your room areas with decorative elegance. Unique bookcases, cabinetry and wall units are versatile in a modern space. They are stylish and come in wide selections of designs.

Contemporary bookcases and display shelving is available in cube, corner and leaning decorative styles. Other styles include: drawers, ladder, Eco-friendly and mobile designs. These bookcases can be used to store and organize books or display home accessories. They feature decorative colors, sizes and materials that update your room spaces.

Beautiful and unique bookcases are great in a transitional, rustic, eclectic or modern décor scheme. There are modern bookcases that fit your budget and lifestyle. They are priced from $50 to over $500. A decorative bookcase can be found online or at a local home furnishings department by brand, number of shelves, height, width and finish.

Elegant bookcases come in colors such as white, brown, gray or black to enhance a modern room setting. Decorative finishes in light, medium or dark wood tones are an attractive design feature.


Transform a plain wall area with a great looking shelving unit or display cabinet. It will maximize room space, add sleek style and can be used as a dramatic focal point. Coordinate a classic décor theme with a stylish bookcase.

Artwork, art objects, vases, plants and keepsakes will look spectacular on a wood or metal shelving unit. A decorative display cabinet looks amazing when home accents are arranged by color, shape and design.

Decorative bookcase shelving offers several options for applying a simple or high impact to your room settings. They are flexible to use on wall spaces as a practical furnishing or as a part of an overall modern scheme. Here are other ways to enjoy the benefits of elegant display cabinets:

  • Use in a dining room to store and display dinnerware
  • Set next to a fireplace to draw the eye up
  • Decorate a room interior with a modern cabinet that has open and closed shelving
  • Show accents of color in a room scheme with colorful vases and bowls displayed on open shelving
  • Use a bookcase as casual furnishing to hold travel souvenirs and modern art objects
  • Add style to a room environment with a decorative display cabinet that has a clean or classic look
  • Modern eclectic bookcases and display cabinets come in appealing designs perfect for an Oriental, exotic or contemporary décor
  • Great modern display cabinets are wonderful in a living room to define or create an elegant tone
  • A modern bookcase or shelving unit can be used in a basement to function as decorative storage

There are many decorative possibilities for using display cabinets in your home interior. They are refreshing in decorative design, functionality and one of the best places to display your special home accessories.


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