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Decorative Garden edging

Updated on December 21, 2010

What does decorative edging do for you?

Decorative gardens can become a hassle if you are not sure how you are going to keep one section separate from another. With the decorative garden edging, you can separate your plants into sections or rows quite easily. Depending on the size of your garden and how decorative you want to make it, the decorative garden edging will be one choice that is available for you to use to make your garden look its best. The edging can be installed easily and when you are done installing the edging, you will be glad that this is one choice you made to improve the appearance of your garden.

Decorative garden edging can be placed in more than one area of your garden and can be used as a way to support a area of plants where there is a slope and the dirt is constantly being washed away from rain water or the watering of your plants. You will have to dig a trench line in which you will be placing the decorative garden edging in. This trench line is going to have to be deep enough to put the decorative garden edging into with only the top portion of your edging sticking up out of the ground. If you want to leave a small amount of edging sticking out of the ground such as an inch or so, this can be done as well but will need to have some support to make sure that the edging is not going to be easily bent over.

Decorative edging for your home

When you are installing decorative garden edging, you will need to make sure that the decorative garden edging is installed properly and that there is no risk for someone tripping over it. If the edging is sticking out of the ground in an area that is walked in quite often, try placing a sign that tells people to watch their step or else people are going to be tripping over the edging and can be hurt when either falling or preventing a fall. It does not take much to twist an ankle and this can be quite painful which will prevent other tasks from being completed around the house as this can prevent someone from being on their feet for several days when they have tripped over the decorative garden edging.

Decorative garden edging can be bought in the stores that sell all garden supplies from potting soil to fencing. Be prepared to purchase the amount that you need right off the bat and if you do not know how long of a section you are going to need, purchase more than you think that you need and whatever you do not use, simply keep the receipt and return it to the store to get your money back. The section that will be sold in the store will come in a roll and will be able to be cut if you have an area that is to long. Once you cut the section however, the remainder in the roll will not be able to be returned. Keep this in mind as to why you should measure the area first before you visit the garden center. By measuring the area first, you will not have to purchase more lawn edging than you need which saves you money and gas later on.


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