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Decorative Sconces: Put A Little Flair On Your Wall

Updated on January 23, 2010

History Of Sconces

Sconces make any wall that they grace much more lively. Decorative sconces can be found a-plenty, and they bring both charm and finesse to the room that they are in.

When I first heard the word "sconce," I had no idea what it was. To be honest, it sounded to me like some type of pastry or something. So I looked up "sconce," and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that a sconce is a light fixture, one that I myself have in my home and have seen many many times. I just never knew the name of the device. I looked up the history of sconces, and I found out that they have been around for many centuries.

Originally, sconces were simply torches that has been hung on the wall of a house or castle. It is believed that sconces originated in Italy in ancient times. They gradually made their way to the rest of Europe, where they were widely popular. It is not surprising that they were so popular, because sconces allowed kings and homeowners to keep their domain lighted at night without having to worry about keeping track of every single lantern and torch.

A decorative sconce in Florence, Italu
A decorative sconce in Florence, Italu

Decorative Sconces

The sconce over time became much less functional and much more decorative. The sconce did not become that way over night, but it happened. Initially, the kings and lords applied simple decorations to their sconces, just to make them look better, while maintaining their function.

Over time though, castles were no longer a necessity like they were before, and the decorative sconces lost some of their function. After all, who needs a functional sconce when you do not have a large castle that needs lit at all hours of the night? Although decorative sconces did not really serve a function like they did before, that does not mean that they were done away with altogether. After all, if something can be decorative, you can rest assured that people will come up with new and varied designs for whatever the product is, in this case sconces.

A Decorative Sconce
A Decorative Sconce

Buying Decorative Sconces

Decorative Sconces are, of course, very good-looking, and it is no surprise that anyone would want to own one. If you are considering buying a decorative sconce, then congratulations. The most important thing to do when buying a decorative sconce is to look into the style, and decide if it fits in well with the rest of your home. I would personally buy a certain type of decorative sconce, you may buy a different type, and your neighbor may buy a different type than either of us, so don't base your purchasing decision solely on whether or not I recommend a particular decorative sconce. I have included below some decorative sconces that can be fond online for very very reasonable prices. I buy nearly everything online because of the convenience and because of the price, which is nearly always cheap than when I buy anything at a store.

So look at some of the decorative sconces below and buy one that you feel suits you.


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