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Decorative pillows

Updated on August 10, 2011

Decorative pilloes

Decorative pillows are among the most practical, simple and cheap decorate solutions. A decorative pillow can either be used to accent the already present style of a room or to redefine the character of a room completely. Decorative Pillows have beautiful cover material; textiles used for decorative pillows are usually 54 inches wide. When used to decorate a made up bed, decorative pillows can easily be thrown aside when bedtime comes, since they're not covered with a washable cover. These pillows may be custom made, made by freelancers, and are also perfect to decorate a sofa in the living room, other furnishings, chairs and window seats. If you really want to customize your room and add exactly the colours and touch you envisioned, it’s best to hire someone to make them for you. For sleeping it's better to use orthopedic pillows, but for the occasional nap, decorative pillows can still come handy.

Different names for pillows

You can hear about decorative pillows by many names, such as floor pillows for the ones we put on the floor, accent pillows – pillows meant to accent other decorative elements of a room. If we use decorative pillows on a sofa we'll call it couch pillows or sofa pillows, they also go by that name, or even toss pillows, that refer to the way they're generally handled: we throw these pillows around when we need them somewhere or when we need the place they're otherwise taking. Finally decorative pillows can also be great fun: »novelty pillows« we call them, and they're shaped like various funny objects (a chainsaw, a big hand, a »Hello Kitty«, a monster, a former president, etc.) that are meant to cheer up and add life and humour to a room.

Wha are decorative pillows usefull

Decorative Pillows are an incredibly compact and smart decorative choice for many reasons. Here’s some to convince you to add them to your house’s decorative arsenal:

-They’re very light and so also very portable – you can throw a pillow wherever you want and decorate any room or furnishing you want with them. There’s no moving of heavy objects involved. If you want to change the “spirit” of a room a bit, just rearrange the pillows or add a few new ones.

-They’re not just decoration, but in many cases also very useful! You can use a floor pillow for meditation, yoga, or just sitting, half-lying down, reading. You can use to lay your head or neck on them, perfect for naps. Or if you like watching TV on your Sofa in a lying position and need a support for your head and neck.

-They’re relatively inexpensive. In the world of internal decoration, decorative pillows are among the least expensive items, yet they're still very powerful decoration tools. It's amazing what these little guys can do for the feel of your rooms.

-And finally – they can be used for pillow fights with your friends for fun or with your spouse when you’re angry! (Hey, it’s better than throwing dishes!)

How to make decorative pillow by yourself

Disney decorative pillows - pictures

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Do you decorate your place with pillows?

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