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Definition of Home Management

Updated on June 14, 2013

Your Home System

Does your household excised a kind of home management system?

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Can’t find those keys? Have no idea what to have for dinner? Where did that receipt go? And many other situations that rob us of time, money, or even just harmony. Every household has their own home manage system, but recognizing and developing an organized and working system can be the key to helping you out of that hole and on to finding peace. Most of our problem is time that is wasted. Time wasted on finding things or having to stop everything to complete some task that has to be done right now. Other areas rob us as well, but the most well heard complaint is either I don’t have the time or the money. It is possible that the time or money you don’t have is because it has become a victim of poor home management system. So what is home management? Home Management provides a well-organized home, a safe and clean environment, financial stability and growth, and a learning environment for a healthy and happy family. Home Management, which contains all the above key parts, is a personally designed system to lead you to more harmony within the home. Understanding all these key parts is the first step towards designing your own system.

Dry Erase Board

A large dry erase board helps keep everyone goig in the right direction.
A large dry erase board helps keep everyone goig in the right direction. | Source

Well-Organized Home

A well-organized home is the first part and probably the most important part of this system. Organization stretches through all areas of the home and family and I prefer to start with a family notebook. A family notebook is basically a homemade notebook that is your first go to point for all information or direction. It will contain all kinds of information from important phone numbers, to do lists, goals, menus, cleaning schedules, auto maintenance schedules, and much more. Once you have your family notebook in place, you can begin to tackle other areas of home management beginning with organization. Two well wrote hubs on a family notebook include one from Daughter of Maat called Home Management Binder and a second from Yoursinglepurpose called How to Create Your Own Life Binder. The idea of a life binder, which includes areas for spiritual organization, is an interesting personal change to the idea of the notebook. The next step is organization of all areas of your home. This organization is found in every room, such as organization of the kitchen therefore you are not having to dig month old leftovers out of the refrigerator once you realize the bowl you like is hidden back there somewhere. Other organization area is your home office and record keeping system as this area causes disharmony in your financial world. Organizing other area makes it easier for you to clean, your kids to clean their rooms, and many other activities. The best way to tackle organization is to break your home into different areas and work on one area at a time. The key to organization is to first create an organization system that works for you and second, use it.

Cleaning Supplies

Organized cleaning supplies in a easy carry tote means no extra trips to find where you last used that important cleaner.
Organized cleaning supplies in a easy carry tote means no extra trips to find where you last used that important cleaner. | Source

Safe and Clean Environment

The next part is a safe and clean environment for your family to sit back and relax in. In the creation of your family notebook, one area you have addressed is creating a cleaning schedule which will take this overwhelming task and make it more manageable. Creating a cleaning schedule begins with breaking down daily, weekly, and monthly tasks making sure a copy is placed in your family notebook. For me, being a stay at home mom, my weekly and monthly tasks are broken down into small quick jobs that are done every day. For example, I do bathrooms on Fridays, dusting on Mondays and so on. It only takes me about 30 minutes to do the bathroom and my weekly cleaning task for the day is done leaving me free to move on to other things. The rest of the cleaning I don’t have to think about so I don’t find myself staring at the whole house on a Monday morning once everyone is gone thinking I have to clean this whole huge house. For those household where this advantage to staying at home will require a different kind of schedule, but the goal is to take such a large task and break in down. Included also in the part is the spring cleaning checklist and winter prep work. Safety is also part of this and is addressed in your home and auto maintenance.

Financial Stability and Growth

Everyone wants financial stability and financial growth. This begins with creating and following a budget. Sometimes a budget looks good on paper, but doesn’t work when it comes to your account. Addressing issues such as my husband pointed out yesterday where some people spend close to $4000 a year just by stopping to buy their morning coffee. These areas of decreases unnecessary spending are the place to start when trying to match your budget. Also, there are some who are considering ways to increase their monthly income. You can’t forget those future areas such as retirement, savings, and other areas of your financial world. Putting these down on paper, following what budget or goals you have decided, and maybe even changing a few habits will put you on the road to the stability and growth we all wish to see.

Board Games

Board games all together, easy for children to look and pick, are ready to go at any time.
Board games all together, easy for children to look and pick, are ready to go at any time. | Source

Learning Environment

The fifth area of home management is creating a learning environment in your home. Our homes are our children’s first playground and classroom. A learning environment makes us first think about classrooms, but what I label as a learning environment I view as beginning with promoting the values you wish your children to learn and us. These values includes respect, responsibility, hard work, honesty, and sharing to name a few. These are areas where school uses and reinforces, but the groundwork and major reinforcement happens at home. Other parts of a learning environment in promoting reading and learning games. Parents who sit and play board games or cards games with their children are accomplish so much with one fun filled hour from needed time together, creating memories, and (depending on the game) educational too. Also I place promoting homework, interests of all family members, and activities like family time into this part of home management.

Healthy Family

The last part of home management is making sure that your family is healthy beginning with making sure that there are healthy menus and necessary exercise in our family life. Healthy menu can help the body, mind, and budget as well as tie right back into your family notebook. By creating menus, you get rid of the horrible question of what’s for dinner. At the same time, you can work in ways to cut your food budget down such as I have discovered over time that homemade doesn’t always mean time consuming, but means healthier and easier on the budget. Also in this area I put doctors, dentists, and eye doctor appointments. Don’t forget to think about any other area that concerns our physical, emotion, mental, or even spiritual needs in life as all of these tie directly into having a healthy family. Many of these are taken care of in other parts of home management, but when developing this part you will want to take a step back and see if there are any other areas that needs to be address.


Home management is an area that every household participates in, but taking the time to make the system work more smoothly can take a lot of the hassle out of every day and give you time to sit back and relax while knowing you are making progress on all the thing you never could quite accomplish before. Taking on the task of better home management is a huge and long process. My separated areas are what works the best for me. For you, you might find that changes such as places menus with cleaning would be the best. If so, do so. You will find that many different areas tie into each other such as when I discussed menu. While I have ran down through the list of different part based upon my definition, deciding where to start and all the task involved is can seem like an overwhelming system to accomplish. Yet the rewards can be great and long last as any long hard task can do. As this is just a rundown of the different parts of home management, please watch for more hubs to come.


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