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Delta Bathroom Hand Shower Review: Innovations, Lockwood, Leland, Dryden, Lahara

Updated on January 6, 2015

There are handshower people, and then there are showerhead people. The first type prefer to aim the stream at the body, the second to aim the body at the stream. We don't judge: each method of washing has its advantages and disadvantages.

Most handshowers, however, have the option of being docked onto a wall mount high up the wall, and effectively function as a fixed showerhead; the same cannot be said about the latter. Slide bar option – the bar acting as an extra safety feature (hand guard) – provides an even more flexible alternative, allowing to adjust the height from which the water will stream.

Delta endow this hardware with up to five finishes (chrome, brass, bronze, pewter, and stainless) that essentially expand the palette of the shower, adding such tones as golden, bluish, gray and nearly black.

Delta Faucet Arzo Hand Shower | Photo credit:  Delta Faucet
Delta Faucet Arzo Hand Shower | Photo credit: Delta Faucet

Plastic becomes a notable addition to these units, occupying the inside of the hand piece and regulating the stream (standard three spray functions available).


Perhaps due to the highly functional tasks the handshower performs, its high location when mounted, and its general obscurity behind shower doors or curtains, visual characteristics play a less important role when compared, for instance, to lavatory faucets. Still, Delta categorize their shower sets according to collections, and some of them appear quite striking.

  • Innovations features a massive curling hand piece and matching wall mount, which when combined resemble a robotic hand extending a source of water. A classic appearance on the whole.

  • Lockwood collection dispenses with the curl for the main piece, opting for an upright handle instead. This lineal, soldier-like handshower seems to discourage loitering, so it's definitely not for everyone.

  • Dryden reduce the amount of alloy, flatten the head, and render it square (both Lockwood and Innovations heads are round). The result is a minimalist design with contemporary touches; Arzo collection develops this trend further, offering hardware very much resembling an eighties phone handset.

  • Lahara is very similar to Innovations with the exception of one model – a tub shower of classic, industrial, flattened, and round shape (raincan). It has no space for spray functions or plastic, but works with a temperature and pressure monitor.


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