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Delta In2ition Chrome, Bronze, Brass, Nickel, Stainless Shower Head Review

Updated on January 6, 2015

Delta Shower Heads

In terms of sheer quantity of products, shower heads department is not Delta's largest, but when it comes to versatility, it can rival even such powerful categories as lavatory and kitchen faucets. The company recognizes that when it comes to bathing, people's needs and preferences fluctuate dramatically, and subsequently attempts to address every possible whim, be in design, or functionality.

Delta offer three types of shower heads. One replicates classic raincan designs, where a fixed, flat, all-metallic (except the rubber nubbins) square or circle conducts the water, streaming it in an even way; in this type of hardware design and visual characteristics take precedence over technological features. Another provides a counter alternative: modern, streamlined sculpting, complex inner parts, often plastic made, and a variety of functions, including several spray options.

The third type combines hand showers with shower heads, effectively offering a hybrid and the most versatile showering solution.

Delta Rizu Shower Head | Photo credit:  Delta Faucet
Delta Rizu Shower Head | Photo credit: Delta Faucet


Showerhead collections boast most trademark Delta finishes: pearl nickel, aged pewter, Venetian bronze, chrome, and stainless.

  • Classic line usually follows the first type, and includes both bell-shaped and flattened pieces. Utilities include temperature monitor, universal valve, and watersense economy feature among others. Chrome and stainless finish.

  • Orleans collection brings in more style: the shape of the shower head is more elaborate, more finishes are available. Rubber (trademark touchclean) parts allow for easy water deposit removal.

  • Arzo represents the classic raincan shower head category. Sharp, angular build creates a retro appearance, once popular in industrial and public showers. Delta revive this style, enhancing it with some of its smart features.

  • Dryden follows a similar square design, adding pewter and Venetian bronze finishes streams -- if reversed,. A notable difference from Arzo lies in the depressed inner field, from where the water this build reminds of an ancient bath construction, not unlike a pool.


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