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Delta Faucet Bathroom Jetted Shower Review

Updated on January 6, 2015

Delta Jetted

Jetted showers stand out as Delta's latest and most technologically advanced bathroom plumbing hardware. This type of water conducting configuration usually comes together with a fixed showerhead, complementing the latter's vertical stream with a direct horizontal one – aiming to provide a complete, all-round showering experience.

It's possible to manage perfectly well without a jetted shower – it is a luxurious addition to the bathroom – but it can save time, a resource also known for its high cost. The enjoyment of having such a bath is self-evident.

Jetted showers are installed on the wall, at roughly half body height, and consist of a solid metallic flange on which dock two symmetrical pieces; these pieces spray the water in patterns engineered to wash the skin with improved effectiveness.

Delta Jetted Shower | Photo credit:  Delta Faucet
Delta Jetted Shower | Photo credit: Delta Faucet

Delta offer two installation variations: a valve with a separate wall attachment and escutcheon, and a combined panel that includes both the valve and the jetting unit.

Reduced Showerhead

The effectiveness of this technology allows to reduce the size of the showerhead to that of a tube, rendering it a second fiddle in this bathing show. Conversely, the central jetting trim becomes the main element in the combo, challenging the whole notion of how shower are taken and look like.

The multi choice valve gives users close control, a quality that despite the several built-in automatic functions emerges as quintessential.


Among technologically advanced features included in the package, temperature and volume monitors, and H2O technology are the most common. The first two prevent sudden changes in water stream and temperature from affecting the bather – most of us know how annoying and shocking these can be. The function allows to set maximum temperature.

Delta H2O trademark technology (discussed in shower-head and head showers) in jetted showers not only alters the size of the droplets, but also rotates the angle at which they hit the target.


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