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Delta Kitchen, Lavatory, Bath Faucets and Showers Complete Guide-Review

Updated on January 6, 2015

Delta Faucet Company

Delta Faucet, a subsidiary of Masco corporation, is the largest and one of the most successful faucet company currently operating in the United States. The latter's success in the market of construction and home improvement puts the former in a unique position where it can install its faucets in many homes across America and the rest of the world.Competitors include American Standard, Kohler, Moen, Grohe, and others.

Just like father corporation aims to encompass an entire industry, Delta aims to address all imaginable plumbing needs inside bathrooms and kitchens. This purposefulness and consistency become guiding principles for the brand's products, setting standards for quality, aesthetics, and durability.

Delta Faucet boast a long list of innovations – a surprisingly long list for a company in an industry with a two thousand year history (Romans were the first Western civilization to build aqueducts – the proto-plumbing infrastructure).


However, taking into account the recent leaps in sensor and material technologies, the latest innovations seem less surprising and more in line with the times: technology brings us comfort, just like it's supposed to.

Some of the additions Delta incorporate in their products pertain strictly to the inner workings of the mechanisms: a super tough valve with a diamond coating, a temperature monitor; others improve durability by treating the faucets with anti-tarnish finish and equipping them with anti-mineral build-up hardware.

Perhaps the most exciting novelties simply bring more variety to water streams and methods of activation – these include the jetted shower, the kinetic technology that literally manipulates the size and velocity of water droplets, the aerator that changes spray to stream, and more.


After all said and done, most home owners and home makers choose their faucets for the way they look. Water conducting hardware has an important utility role, yet when built gracefully, it also pleases the eye and the mind. Hygiene procedures become effortless, pleasurable experiences – and, as some of the more artistic Delta collections demonstrate, can act as objects of self-expression.

Delta divide their collections according to setting: kitchen faucets and accessories, and bathroom products that include lavatory faucets, shower heads, and various showers, hand held or fixed. Kitchen hardware usually displays less elaborate and more direct design approach – clearly the company recognizes that as a workplace, the kitchen can get extremely busy – aesthetics are less important. All sorts of metal work is minimized, while aerodynamics and ease of use take precedence.

Contrary to the visual straightforwardness of the kitchen, bathroom collections exhibit a range of styles and designs, often exquisite and fanciful.

Delta indulge in sculptural creativity, reviving historical themes and trends; such lines as Victorian, Leland, Allora, Waterfall, Classic, Innovations, and Lockwood show that faucets can significantly enhance a bathroom's interior.


Delta offer several types of faucets: each model has its unique mode of operation and water streaming, from standard to very sophisticated. Some are made only for the kitchen, others strictly for the bathroom – many, however, can be installed in both rooms, thereby enabling home owners to use a single theme in the entire house.

  • Single handle faucets consist of two main components: the spout itself and a single handle arising from the main stem or placed near it. This familiar design is intuitively operated by pushing the handle outside (releasing the stream) and pressing it back onto its original position. Modern and reliable hardware, it asks for extra sensitivity when adjusting the flow strength. Available for both kitchen and lavatory.

  • Two handle faucet presents a classic build with a main spout flanked by cold and hot water valves. Among Delta's most popular designs, it can come in separate or centerset (where a metal plate supports the entire trim) versions. Also available for both settings, it offers more room for creativity, as the main piece is not linked to an additional mechanical part as in the single handle category.

  • Widespread and Mini-Widespread bath and lavatory faucets employ the same basic structure as the two-handle option, but offer more variety in installation: the handles can drift away from the spout, creating an unusually relaxed and inviting sight. Interesting similarities to Delta's Roman tub products.

  • Standard Spout is a workmanlike version of the single handle: it's robust, features large parts (extra ease in operation), and saves space. Classic, “back to basics” design, that can be equipped with a side sprayer.

  • Tub faucets, usually combined with shower, consist of a snubbed and extra-small spout installed beneath the showerhead. Provides a convenient source of water for washing the lower extremities, but can be used for a number of unexpected tasks. Forms a single thematic unit with the shower, but can be installed separately as well.

Additional models include the more specialized pull-out and pull-down, and tall and high arc variations.

Shower and Tub

Shower and tub products constitute another department in Delta's assortment. Some of the hardware on offer is very specialized, and brings the procedure of showering to another level – even as to suggest some medical (massage associated) benefits.

  • Handshowers present a solution for people who love to direct the stream manually. The showerhead can be fixed on a wall mount or a slide bar, the set providing various degrees of manipulation. A classic category that in some collections hosts contemporary builds.

  • Fixed showerheads and body sprays opt for stabilization, essentially a solution opposite to the portable handshowers. In a way, this option appeals a different mindset. These products can contain more versatile stream and design features, especially when combined with the hand variations.

  • Jetted showers add more umph the washing experience by forcing the water in a horizontal stream via a set of especially designed openings. Usually accompanied by regular shower hardware, jetted showers employ latest technology, and rotate, spraying the water in an even manner.

  • In Roman Tub trims Delta once again utilize a classic two handle (widespread) design; available collections include Victorian, Grail, Leland, and others. Among Delta's most creative products, as some of the faucets replicate sea life forms or display futuristic curves.


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