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Delta Single Handle Kitchen, Lavatory Faucet Review

Updated on January 6, 2015

Single Handle

Delta single handle faucets offer the simplest to utilize and the most space efficient water conducting hardware for the kitchen and the bathroom. As the title implies, this type of faucet is operated by a single handle, which can be installed either above the spout – thereby creating a solid metallic unit, often centerset, or near it – breaking the unit into two parts.

Most kitchen products focus on features that make relevant procedures as effortless and quick as possible: aerodynamic shaping to minimize knocks, large arches that leave enough space for large bowls and pots, and so on.

Bath faucets focus more on the visual and aesthetic side of design: more metalwork (or less in the contemporary minimalist collections), and a wider range of finishes (including chrome, Venetian bronze, stainless, aged pewter, and polished brass).

Delta Classic Single Handle Faucet | Photo credit:  Delta Faucet Company
Delta Classic Single Handle Faucet | Photo credit: Delta Faucet Company


Delta employ many of its technologies in single handle faucets, including the Touch2O, which allows to start the water by touching of the spout, and MagnaTite docking, which incorporates a nozzle withing the spout – a piece that can act as a separate spray wand when extended.


  • Victorian collection embodies the popular British aesthetic of late 19th century: once common, today it's seen as decorative and “retro.” Interestingly, this design may look rather stark in the single handle variation; when accompanied by two valves (two handles) it attains a more harmonious look. Side sprayer and soap dispenser, often integral to the unit, also help to achieve this effect.

  • Leland collections features a graceful, traditionally shaped J-spout, enhanced with delicate, unobtrusive metal work on the edges. The flowing lines and the absence of committing decorative elements render this faucet collection a classic – one challenged by a modern Delta design of the same name.

  • Classic single handle faucets constitute the latest modern, utility oriented build. Near parallel, powerful lines of the handle and the spout create a sculptural representation of speed and efficiency. More lean and long in the kitchen, it becomes compact and stocky in the lavatory.


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