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Delta Spout Kitchen Faucet Review: Classic, Victorian, Standard

Updated on January 6, 2015

Kitchen Spout

With standard spout kitchen faucets Delta reassert their credentials of an all-round company that builds not only stylized and fashionable plumbing products, but utility and function oriented one as well. Only a fraction of the selection in this category comes from the Victorian collection ā€“ the rest is reserved for classic modern design with no frills, neither in design nor in finish.

With some exceptions, there are no aged pewter, polished brass, chrome, Venetian bronze, or pearl nickel alternatives ā€“ reliable, workmanlike, and highly functional stainless finish is the main option, a choice that contributes to price reduction of up to fifty percent.

Most spout faucets feature a classic single handle mode of operation, where the joystick protrudes from the main stem, and curves a little in line with the spout itself. In some of the models, the two parts become almost parallel, complimenting each other, and creating a powerful symmetry effect.

Delta Faucet Signature Spout | Photo credit:  Delta Faucet
Delta Faucet Signature Spout | Photo credit: Delta Faucet

Victorian and Delta standard collections offer a two handle option. Side spray, integral or optional, becomes the most common accessory for this item.


Centerset type installation elaborates of the faucet both in terms of aesthetics and utility. On the one hand, the escutcheon that anchors the entire piece to the surface provides a sculptural balance for the spout and the handle.

On the other, it adds yet another point of contact with the main body, thereby lending it more stability. The metallic plate, however, requires additional cleaning.

The side spray can fit either on the plate, or beside it, depending on the model.

Two Handle

In two handle variations, the base accommodates the cold and hot valves, sometimes spreading them quite apart (not unlike in lavatory widespread faucets.)

Notably, Delta dispense with the stylish metal work design for the handles, opting for solid glass pieces, with some decorative-functional grooves to prevent slipping.

Delta manufacture most of its standard spout faucets in ā€œJā€ shape, in some cases reminiscent of golf clubs, and always projecting vigor and readiness.


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