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Delta Tub Faucet Review: Jetted Shower, Shower Head, Valves

Updated on January 6, 2015

Tub Faucets

Though tub faucets comprise a relatively small category in Delta's selection, they deserve a special mention. First, because of their unusual shape and installation: they are smaller than regular faucets (a feature that belies their function of complementary, not primary hardware), and they protrude from the shower wall, completely horizontal and parallel to the floor.

Second, because they almost always combine with other shower hardware – handshower, jetted shower, shower head – which “depose” the spout from the throne it occupies in the sink. For once, in a local setting, the faucet is not the most important piece of plumbing.

Tub faucets are not as rich on finishes as their larger sink siblings, but still present several trademark Delta alloys: aged pewter, Venetian bronze, chrome, and stainless; polished brass and pearl nickel are rare additions.

Delta Tub Faucet Lockwood | Photo credit:  Delta Faucet
Delta Tub Faucet Lockwood | Photo credit: Delta Faucet

In terms of technology, however, tub spouts enjoy many of the advanced specs the company has to offer: H2O kinetic technology, volume control, and temperature monitor.

Multichoice Universal Valve

The valve rather than the spout or showerhead becomes the central piece in the shower. It's usually located between the two, and controls both using a complex technology developed by Delta; it serves multiple purposes, and can contain single-function, dual-function, or thermostatic (also dual-function) valve.

The valve itself is docked on a round or square metallic plate, and features two grip bulges, one small one large, with a ninety degree angle between the two (lavatory faucets use a 180 degrees configuration).


Most tub faucets fit into standard Delta designs, without strong collection affinity due to their size. Matching products come in familiar Victorian, Arzo, Innovations, Lockwood, Lahara, Dryden, and Leland collections – and tub spouts were built to combine well with them on aesthetic level.

This means clean lines, a choice between streamlined and angular shapes, as well as between minimalist/modern and traditional style.


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