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Delta Two Handle Bath and Kitchen Faucet Review

Updated on January 6, 2015

Two Handle Delta

Delta two handle faucets present a sculptural grouping, somewhat reminiscent of great fountains, where each part has a specific purpose in conducting and spraying the water. The handles flank the spout from both sides, and provide a classic and well familiar mode of operation: left for hot, right for cold.

This type of faucet is available for both the kitchen and the bathroom, but for the lavatory category Delta offer a significantly broader selection – almost one hundred various models, executed in chrome, polished brass, Venetian bronze, pearl nickel, aged pewter and stainless finishes.

The difference from single handle faucet models is not limited to visual characteristics: the addition of two more parts requires the addition of two more holes in the sink – a feature that requires careful planning.

Delta Two Handle Victorian Faucet | Photo credit:  Delta Faucet Company
Delta Two Handle Victorian Faucet | Photo credit: Delta Faucet Company

Another important distinction lies in the absence of such advanced utilities as the Touch2O technology (operation by touch), and MagnaTite docking (nozzle extending from within the spout) – classic here means fully manual.


  • Waterfall collection includes kitchen only faucets, similar to, but shaped more softly than the powerful and streamlined Classic products. Both the spout and the handles describe arches, and appear to replicate shapes found in nature, as the title implies. Accessories include soap dispenser and side spray.

  • Victorian collection features the revival of old-fashioned looking plumbing; we suggest that in two handle faucets it works more harmoniously than in single ones, where the effect can be too stark – but sometimes that is exactly what is needed to bring the kitchen to life.

  • Innovations hardware, widespread or centerset, departs from the linear and elongated designs appropriate for the kitchen, and opts for close and tight organization of the parts suitable for lavatory sinks. In some variations, the design resembles a hovering bird.

  • Grail faucets embody minimalism: cylinders of varying diameter and length attach to each other to create ultra-simplified metallic pieces that surprisingly, so it seems, also conduct water. In Rizu collection Delta give this design trend an oriental twist.


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