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Delta Widespread Bathroom, Lavatory Two Handle Faucet Review

Updated on January 6, 2015

Widespread Faucets

Delta's widespread faucets present a modification of the two handle faucet. Instead of the commonly used centerset supporting piece (escutcheon) that links the three main parts closely together, widespread type separates the hot and cold valves from the spout, pushing them as far aside as possible (less so in mini-widespread variations) from the spout.

This arrangement creates a characteristic relaxed and luxurious look: it demands more reach, and might appear less comfortable than the regular tight design, yet its aesthetic effect is impossible to overlook. If space is not the issue in your bathroom, we always recommend considering the widespread faucet; it has character, and complements the designs Delta offer by injecting them with more breathing space.

Delta Widespread C-Spout Faucet | Photo credit:  Delta Faucet
Delta Widespread C-Spout Faucet | Photo credit: Delta Faucet

While it's possible to install widespread faucets in the kitchen, this setting is not the natural place for that kind of plumbing hardware.

In kitchen sinks work-flow and rate normally take precedence over visual comfort, and the dispersal of the handles can admittedly hinder both. The lavatory, on the contrary, can be the perfect location: taking a bath and washing one's self take time and require close attention; such details as widespread faucet configuration adds a nice touch to the process.


We discussed such familiar collections as Victorian, Classic, Leland, and Grail in single handle and two handle category reviews. Let's take a closer look at some of the more exotic lines Delta have to offer:

  • Vessona collection resembles the traditionally designed Victorian line, opting for a more delicate metalwork, smoothing the lines and adding a few curves to the handles and the spout. Those who enjoy Victorian style but feel unsure about its directly “antique” look will love this alternative.

  • Rizu collection builds on minimalist ideas, and lends them a distinct oriental touch. Departing from the minimalist cylinders of Grail faucets, this line employs cone shaped parts, giving them an exotic angle.

  • In Arzo collection Delta create a home variation of angular industrial designs usually encountered in large production factories and mills. Consequently, the massive, perpendicular frame is less intimate in appearance, offering instead a pronounced sense of community. A surprising faucet design in Delta's usually more streamlined products.


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