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Tips on Depersonalizing your Home

Updated on March 29, 2016

What is Depersonalizing your Home mean?

Depersonalizing is an important step in preparing your home for resale. This means removing any personal items like; family pictures, memorabilia, posters, trophies etc. This also includes anything that shows your own personal taste. Think of it this way if you were a potential buyer, you wouldn't want to walk into a house and be reminded of any sentimental connection between the current owners and the house. When people are wanting to buy a new home, they are imagining their own future in the home. "I could lay my furniture out like this... I could put my painting there.." otherwise if people see your personal things in the space, they are stepping into someone else's past.. and that makes a good road block for the future. It might sound insensitive but the best thing you can do for your home when you're wanting to sell... is depersonalize. Less distractions = faster sales. Imagine it this way... if someone comes through the house and gets distracted by your travel photo's all of the wall... that could be the main thing they remember from the viewing instead of your beautiful stone floor to ceiling fireplace...maybe the viewer forgets that part of the house.. and buys the house next-door because it had a floor to ceiling fireplace.. wow what a loss that would be.

Bedroom Disaster Zone!


1 Thing you Should do Before calling an Agent

One simple thing to get the ball rolling on depersonalizing is to walk through your home into every room and depersonalize. The whole house can't be done in a day.. that isn't expected... do a little bit at a time. This way it isn't as overwhelming as tackling the job all at once. Perhaps there are multiple areas in one room that need to be personalized. So this will take some time but I promise it is well worth it in the end! You can make the time more enjoyable by throwing on music to listen to at the same time or after you've finished a room, treat yourself to a coffee or a tea.

When storing items ...

To make things easier to find when unpacking, store items in clear storage bins. This way you can see whats in the bins and you what rooms to unload them into and it doesn't leave you guessing. Whatever makes moving any easier the better and less painful the whole experience ends of being.


Areas Prone to Personalizing

  1. Bedroom
  2. Office
  3. Family room
  4. Games room
  5. Man Cave
  6. Living room

Protecting Children's Artwork

When taking art pieces off of the kitchen fridge, put them away safe and sound in these handy file folder bins. The same as in a filing cabinet! They are the perfect size for 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper.

Potential homeowners might find this Intimidating/ Overwhelming


Hard to work on Areas

What areas do you find are the hardest to Depersonalize

See results

Items to Look for in Certain Areas

Man Cave
Pictures with friends
Family photos
Boyband posters
Diploma's or Certificates
Travel souvenirs
Religious misc.
Religious misc.
Religious misc.
These are just some items to look for to remove from the space.

Depersonalizing your Kitchen

The kitchen is normally the easiest place to start. The biggest part of this job might be just taking down the school art from the fridge and leaving the fridge bare. You might wonder why, well if the the fridge is covered in children's art or in schedules of after school activities or this months class calendar.. potential buyers can't see how big the fridge is, or what brand the fridge is or what colour the fridge is. Sometimes just the fact that the appliances are stainless steel can sell a person on the kitchen just as easily as granite countertops sell better than laminate countertops.

This is a good example of vertical clutter. When you think of clutter, most people think on horizontal surfaces, but in this case.. you gotta think vertical so check every surface.

Something like this might turn people off

Something People Don't Think About

As a homeowner... you've set up shop for the long haul... or only for a few years depending on your longterm goals and or thoughts. But you've personalized the space to show people who YOU are. This might include showing off stuffed animal heads that are mounted onto boards as trophies on the wall. This might include neon light fixtures that glow MOPAR in the kitchen next to your husband's picture of his priced Corvette. This is all well and good for the current homeowner but for any potential buyers coming through the home... this could spell disaster. Say a PETA supporter wants to see your house and as soon as they see the animal heads... they can (possibly) turn right around and not see the rest of the house. De-personalizing means being sensitive to how other people might view things.

Check out this Video on Depersonalizing


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