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Design your home online

Updated on April 11, 2012

Maybe you just bought a new property and think about best ways to design it. Or maybe you are renovating your current home.

Does black, green and orange go together? How would blue wallpaper look in your bedroom?

Imagining your future house is one of the nicest things. Combining colours you like, choosing your favourite paintings. Have you decided where to put your new piano?

Especially if you do all this with someone, you can have a great time and lots of fun! Unless you are completely different and while you want modern furniture all over, she wants at least a gothic mirror. Hopefully you are good at making compromises..

Interior designer would be probably a good idea. These people plan every single element of the interior of your building. They also look at your financial options and try to get into your mindset. They will come up with a fantastic plan that was based on your needs and requirements. in 9 out of 10 cases you will love it.

There is a chance you don't want a professional to assist you. You might not have the finances or you just simply want to do it on your own. The designer tries hard to find out what you like but there is only one person who is in your head. And that's you.

In this case, there is a great website:

Create interior design with thousands of products.

Pick orange sofa and grey wallpaper. And now you want a green chair, well, yellow chair...well, black one? Play with colors and different shapes. See your imagination on the computer screen.

There is only one problem. Products on this website are quite expensive. But there is no one telling you to buy them.

The whole point is about creating a place where you feel comfortable. After you choose the colors and furniture, look around for products that are affordable.

Have fun with it!


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