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Designer Chrome Towel Stands for a Clutter Free Bathroom

Updated on April 26, 2013

Chrome finished bathroom fittings including the towel stand are very popular for minimalist or contemporary bathroom décor. These are light weight, stylish, portable and functional and can be either wall hung or floor standing and come in variety of designs.

X-shaped floor standing towel stand with bottom shelf
Beautiful x shaped towel stand offers a trendy look while stacking up the towels. The bottom shelf can be used to place the dry towels for future use. You can place it near the bath tub or the shower enclosure for easy access to them.

U-shaped chrome finished towel stand
The compact 3 arm U shaped towel holds your towels more firmly and is a modern twist on a classical design.  Other alphabetical towel stands are also available like D shaped, T shaped, S shaped, L shaped and more for the added zing.

Chrome 5 Bar Towel Stand
It is a simple towel stand that is inclined against the wall appearing as if a ladder. You can also fix it against the wall and the 5 rails provide sufficient space for the towels even if it is a family bathroom.

Wall mounted Chrome towel shelf and 3 bar unit
Minimalist wall mounted towel shelf in chrome adds style sense to your bathroom and is practical. It makes use of the wall space creating an illusion of a spacious bathroom.

Wooden Towel Rail

Wooden towel rail is made of high quality wood giving a natural finish. It gels well with the other fittings in your bathroom and is designed to meet the current industry standards and trends. It provides enough space to stuff your belongings for a clutter free bathroom.

With such diversity of options available, choose the towel stand that harmonizes with your bathroom interior keeping in mind both style and the utility that they provide. For more information on towel rail products visit Victorian Plumbing


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