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Designing the Woman's Version of a Man Cave

Updated on January 28, 2014

So, most of us are familiar with the notorious man cave; You know, the one room dedicated just for the typical "man" stuff. Often times, guys will take over a whole den, basement or a portion of the garage to watch a serious sports game, or perhaps, spend a little time with the Play Station. While this is cool, who says that men are the only ones to have a space all to themselves?

Well, it's actually becoming more common for ladies to have somewhere in the home designated just to unwind. And I'm not referring to the kitchen, bedroom or the bathroom, even though whipping up a new recipe, watching a romantic comedy in bed or soaking in a warm bubble bath are all pleasant activities. I'm taking about having a spot to call your own. It can be an entire room or a single section to serve as a special place of relaxation or an area where you can get some work done. Either way, it'll be known for being a kids and a husband free zone...Sorry honey. Call it our necessary, well deserved me time if you will.


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What You Can Do in Your Lady's Den

When you have a whole space to yourself, there are countless things you can do. Here are just a few ideas.


You may want an elliptical machine, a couple of weights or simply a mat on the floor. It’s totally up to you. Having a designated space could help you get your work out on and establish the routine you've been wanting.

Quiet Time

Sitting chairs are great for these quiet moments alone. A recliner or bean bag, whatever gets you nice and comfy. One by a large window is even better. Get acquainted with a book or have personal devotion and meditation.


Take out your stereo or your head set. What better place to enjoy your favorite tunes or watch your favorite movie?


Journaling, scrapbooking and sewing all require a certain level concentration. A quiet place for these hobbies is useful in this way. Poetry or singing, whatever it may be, you can set up an area just for your favorite things. With organizers to help, you can have a special place for everything you need, and take them out when you're ready to get creative.


Making your space into an office is a productive consideration. It may be just what you need to get a little writing done, papers graded or reports finished in quicker time and with a little peace and quiet.


Designing Your Space

Putting your personal style into your space is a great way to express yourself. It speaks greatly of what you like and who you are. You may want to decorate it with your favorite colors and sentimental objects. Whether you like variation of blues, earth tones or pink, adding splashes of your favorite colors and style helps to create an environment that will be a retreat and a refreshing oasis for you every time you walk in the door.

You can go all out. Have fun creating accent walls, wall art and matching décor. Hang plants, and perfume the area with scented candles. Your lady’s den will become something you will be glad to call your own.


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