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Designing Tips To Add Life To Your Drab Space

Updated on October 28, 2014

We all have different shapes to our homes and often if it was not a custom built home we run into design disasters. Here are a few ideas I would like to share, maybe some of them will peak your thinking tank. There are many alternatives to make better use of your space so check these great ideas out.

Idea 1: Use every inch of space: If you have an A-frame shaped room particularly large you can make lots of sleeping space (especially if their is lots of kids or grandkids that stay over). Create small dividing walls along the slant and build beds in-between, these are like built-in single bunks. This is a beautiful way to add character and usefulness to otherwise wasted slanted wall space, fun for kids too. To doll it up a bit, place curtain rods from each small wall to wall with a soft simple tie-back curtain. Since the beds are to the side you will have more room for a game room, toy room or lounge. (A storage drawer under each bed would be a great option as well).

Idea 2: Liven up your walls: Try a horizontal stripe paint pattern on your wall to bring vibe and life to a boring space. (Example: A kids playroom in cool shades of aqua, green and pink.)

How to do this: Use painters tape, a level and allow plenty of time to get this look. You must wait for each row to dry before you move to the next. The same technique with vertical striped walls.

Idea 3: Combining black and white with color: Black and white brings such a statement when combined with color. For example soft blue walls and graphic black and white bedding really bring a sense tranquility to a bedroom.

For a Paris themed room using a rustic pink, egg-shell finish with sandy cream trim. Tie in the black by doing a black and cream bedspread with black furniture. This look is very warm and beautiful.

Idea 4: Clustering your small pictures: Instead of a small picture here and there try clustering, creating a focal wall that won't look so busy to eye. In-fact this look tends to draw the eye with interest to what each detail (each picture) contains. Using the same color of frame is best, some style and style variation keeps it interesting. If there is just four small pictures then going uniform two-by two with same shape/style/color frame will work best. If several pictures, make it more irregular variations.

Idea 5: Color Inspiration: "Go for inspiration when deciding a color for your room". What do you want to feel like when you walk in that room?"

  • Read magazines: A go-to source for decorating ideas. It helps you have a visual of what different color choices actually appear like on a wall, while giving decorating tips and visuals as well.
  • Cherish your heirlooms: There is somethings that are handed down generations that become difficult to incorporate into decorating. However, if you use your heirloom piece as your color inspiration that will resolve that problem. Example: Say you have some fine china that is antique and it is trimmed in gold with deep red rose buds. " You don't have to follow that exact color theme to make them fit in, but you can be inspired by their shape, their era or create a compromise contrasting element in the room. Like rustic wood with distressed finish casing your fine china. Keeping things unpredictable unlike the traditional china cabinet with glass and a light allows for more interest and newness to your old cherished heirloom.
  • Looking to nature: If you want spring and summer in your surroundings bring in a profusion of flowers and leaves punctuated with berries. Fall leaves can inspire a whole room by texture, warmth and comfort. Winter grey's and browns can bring a relaxing back drop for some pops of color that relates an element of surprise to a drabby blank space.
  • Romantic Bedroom inspiration ideas:

Nature Inspired Bedroom

Idea 6: Re-purpose/ Revive. Turn trash into treasures by using your imagination to re-purpose and revive old furniture, run-down antiques, recyclable items etc.

  1. Pinterest: It is common knowledge that Pinterest has fabulous ideas for creating beautiful things out of un-likely items. "Take a stab at it, this could be your time to shine and show off your talents."
  2. Flea Markets: Unlimited ideas flow from flea-market booths and swap meets. Just beef up your haggling skills and don't be afraid to try some wild combinations and unique one-of-kind pieces.
  3. Fluff what you have: You might be surprised what amazing conversations pieces can be found right in your own home, garages or yards. A can of spray paint can even make an updated transformation as well as pops of color to a drabby piece; sometimes simple is all it takes.


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    • singingmommy profile image

      Candace Green 7 years ago from OKLAHOMA

      No, I wish it was :) We are fixing up the house we live in now some, but we are hoping in the near future to either build or buy a much bigger one. These pics are a good design inspiration, I can't wait to design a home the way I want:)

    • profile image

      Kathy 7 years ago

      Candace, this is this your home?