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How To Organize Your Home in Simple & Elegant Ways?

Updated on March 26, 2015

Designing a home can be a little tricky and organizing it well, all the more difficult, especially when you are doing it for the first time all by yourself.

I live in the Bay Area, and my husband and I, recently moved to a new home in North San Jose. This home is special to me, since I designed it myself keeping in mind all our requirements and storage facilities. It is a modern home with high ceilings, large doors, spacious rooms and a huge patio that has plenty of room for patio furniture, as well as pots and plants for a nature lover.

I love the community we live in, since I get to enjoy some of its great amenities and the peace and quiet of this place. I also like the beautiful view of a small palm tree and lovely little plants all around it, right outside my living room window, which is perfect for an avid blogger and book lover like myself.

Hence, my first thoughts were to focus on its many advantages and work towards enhancing most spaces in the house.

Living Room Sectional
Living Room Sectional

Living Room

This is the most important part of the house. The living room makes a first impression on your guests. Try not to fill up every space of your living room with artwork, pictures or collective items just to draw attention. This will surely make your house look smaller and shabby at the same time. You want to have, may be one or two pictures, or artwork at the centre of your longest wall right above the sofas, and have a few metal wall mirrors on one of the corners. These are a huge trend right now and are available online as well as in home décor stores.Secondly, a vintage clock in your living room truly gives it that retro look and is a stunner in so many ways.

Invest in good furniture such as a sectional or a sofa cum love seat and place it at an angle that is close to the windows. Once you are done with the furniture, it is easier to decide on the type of color and size for a nice carpet in the seating area. You could also purchase an average sized tv unit with a few cabinets for storing books or small picture frames, statues, collectibles etc.

Antique Gold Star Mirrors
Antique Gold Star Mirrors
Vintage Clock
Vintage Clock


The bedroom does require a lot of work at times, but it is possible to decorate it with cost effective and useful ideas. Again what is largely essential here is good furniture, that not only helps in storage, but also for a relaxed and comfortable sleep. Purchase a good sized bed with a large headboard that is elegant, yet stands the test of time, then choose a night stand and a dresser that fits perfectly into your room. You may want to brighten up the room, with bright lamps, fixtures etc.

Hang a picture of your family just above the bed to create that atmosphere of love and warmth, and fill your dresser with organizers that help you keep your clothes and other items in place.

Wall Sticker
Wall Sticker


If you are on a budget, then there are several ways of decorating your bathroom as beautifully as you had imagined. For instance, you could roll your towels and place them into pretty little baskets in your bathroom.

Hang a picture of your favorite painting at a strategic wall in your bathroom. You could also purchase small or mid sized flower pots and place them on the wash basin to make your bathroom look chic and elegant.

Lastly do always remember to keep a gorgeous little scented candle in your bathroom. A good aromatherapy candle calms all your senses and gives a relaxed and beautiful bath.

A Simple Yet Elegant Bathroom
A Simple Yet Elegant Bathroom
A Gorgeous Picture Frame in the Bathroom
A Gorgeous Picture Frame in the Bathroom


Patio is also an important part of your home because that’s where you would like to spend your evenings watching the sunset or invite friends over and have a get together outside. So this part of the home also deserves a good amount of work. For starters you could invest in some good patio furniture that is easy on the pocket and is brilliant in nature. You could buy your patio furniture from one of the wholesale stores at a good bargain. Secondly, if you are a nature lover and love gardening, you could arrange beautiful flower pots in a row in your patio.

Try out all these easy and gorgeous home décor ideas and have fun with your home!

Inexpensive Yet Beautiful Patio Furniture
Inexpensive Yet Beautiful Patio Furniture

Some Pointers To Keep In Mind While Decorating

  • A home reflects the personality of a person. It has to be charming and inviting, and pleasing to the eyes, and those who enter your home must be able to get that homely feeling.
  • Take risks, but only where they make perfect sense. It may not be a good idea to simply follow a trend, since you can actually end up burning a hole in your pocket without even being fully convinced of the idea.
  • If you want to make your walls look colorful without actually going through the hassle of painting them, you could invest in creative wall decals, wall posters etc.


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