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Desk Fan and Accessories

Updated on August 5, 2009

A desk fan comes in a multitude of styles, sizes, and colors to operate noiselessly, all with great airflow, with wind speeds from a gentle breeze to almost gale force winds. More expensive portable fans are often seen to be constructed in brushed nickel, while a cost-effective option is those made in high-impact plastic.        

An oscillating desk fan comes in a range of elegant designs. A oscillating table fan at 12 inches is able to offer approx. 85 inches of air flow movement. These quality fans are often outfitted with a blade that's aerodynamic designed for the maximum in air flow, as well as being equipped with a quiet motor, with an option for high, medium and low settings controls for variable air flow, and ease in operation.

A USB desk fan offers a cool alternative to a more typical freestanding fan. Often small in size, these fans generate a soft breeze to keep all those working away in a home office more relaxed. Allowing variable speeds for the ideal amount of air to remain cool, and often very quiet. Some fans can be found constructed in dense foam to offer a truly child-safe product. USB fans can also be seen in fun designs, such as an airplane or a flower shape.

A personal clip on desk fan comes equipped with a spring-loaded clamp to attach to a desk area. Often constructed in a tough, impact-resistant plastic, small in size, although still able to move a lot of air, and runs quietly. In addition to attaching to a desk, these fans can be clipped almost anywhere, from a treadmill when exercising to a bed at nighttimes.

A retro desk fan in a brushed nickel to oil-rubbed bronze finish or a round metal box fan in white offers a great addition to complement most home office decors with its cool, retro styling. Often featuring multi-speeds, with a whisper quiet motor, with fans that tilt up and down as well as oscillating side to side. Small desk fans in brushed nickel, all offer quality, style, and performance in a office set-up to all rooms at home.

In addition, a mini desk fan is an adorable piece of kit, perfect on all desks, and available in some attractive designs, with 2-speed operation, child safe grills for safety, and non-slip rubber pads for stability.

Whether its an attractive retro design, to a modern styling or antique desk fans that's to be situated on a desk or sideboard these items are a highly rated additional for all to enjoy.


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