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Dewalt DWE7480 Vs DW745 Table Saws

Updated on August 2, 2014

Construction workers and do-it-yourselfers looking for a reliable but portable table saw would do well to consider either the DEWALT 745 or 7480 to complete the job. DEWALT is known for making high quality power tools, and these saws are no exception. DEWALT is a trusted brand by woodworkers and professional construction workers alike. The 7480 is a successor of the 745 and is very similar, but there have been some important changes. Here is a closer look at the difference between these two saws.

Why Choose a Portable Table Saw?

A full-sized table saw is a great option for a home workshop, provided you have room for it, but when you need the convenience of an on-site table saw for construction jobs or if you find that you do woodworking for friends and family at their place more often than not, a portable saw is the way to go to make transport much easier.

These table saws lack the long legs that make their permanent shop counterparts difficult to transport, and they are built on ruggest cages that can easily be placed on a makeshift table at the worksite or on the ground for ease of use in any location. You can save a lot of time on your project, and keep waste & costs down, by making precision cuts on-site with a portable table saw.

Both the DEWALT 745 and 7480 give you a portable option that won’t have you sacrificing performance. These two models are smooth and powerful, and they are built to last.

Common Features

There is more in common than there is different about these two saws. They are both compact job site table saws, meaning that they are made to easily be moved to and from a job site for ease of use. Weighing only 45 pounds and sitting on a solid metal roll cage, these tools are very simple to carry around and set nearly anywhere you need them, even on a rough job site.

The blades that come with the saws are 10-inch 24 teeth stock blades that will get you started, but professionals will want to upgrade to a top-notch 10-inch blade for best results. Do note that DEWALT does not recommend dado blades be used with either model. The blade can be easily adjusted from 0-45 degrees for precise bevel cuts. These saws can cut through plenty of wood as well. The cut height when the blade is at 90 degrees is 3 ⅛ inches, while it drops to 2 ¼ inches when turned to 45 degrees - still more than enough for most construction or woodworking projects.

As for design, the motor on both units is a 15 amp version, and the tables have rack and pinion telescoping fence rails to make the process of adjusting the fence very fast and accurate. Both tables have a built-in 2 ½ inch dust collection port to which you can easily attach a shop vac to keep the work location much cleaner. The saws come with a mitre saw gauge, push stick, carbide blade, and a blade guard. The table comes equipped with a storage area for the components and push stick when you are not using the so they won’t get lost.

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Difference Between DW745 and DWE7480

The primary difference that you will notice when upgrading to the DWE7480 is the increased rip width. This is very important for some woodworkers, as the rip of the DE745 is 20 inches, but the DWE7480 improves that to a full 24.5 inches. Having a saw that accommodates that 24 inch threshold can make a real difference.

The motor on the DWE7480 will also spin the blade faster at 4,800 rpm, compared with 3,850 rpm from the DW745. This increased blade speed can make cuts smoother and faster, though it is a modest change.

The other real change is that the newer DE7480 adds pins for the adjustable fence, with a pin for shorter rips and another for larger ones. There are also 2 ruler guides built-in to the table for convenience regardless of which pin location you select for the fence.

Super Portable Power Tool

Whether you choose the 745 or 7480, you are going to have a quality power tool that will last for many years. Both come with a 3 year limited manufacturer warranty. If you don’t require the extra rip width that the 7480 offers, the 745 may save you a few dollars, but for the extra cost the added width and higher speed of the 7480 is a very worthy upgrade.


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