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When The Beast Came, It Brought Wretched Pain, And Enough Misery For The Ages.

Updated on October 25, 2015

Friday, May 13, 2011

Like something from a long , and forgotten time , a conjured beast was aroused to consume a people of poverty thus ravaging their lives, and desires as they suffered in longing tears for only a hope of survival.

It was and evil of the ages that carried her here on a journey over a vast and distant sea. And like an avalanche of sorrows and miseries served by the best of contemptuous lascivious creatures, she brought with her all of which paramount pain and sorrow could muster.

I shall never forget what had been unleashed on the land , and to the souls of many. Clutched in the grasp of an aftermath, death tolls soared, and the homeless walked the eartth only to search for comfort , if and only if they could have been saved in time, and if only some would have been fortunate enough to be found before they died.

I sat in my chair waiting for my time to fade , and suffer , and to dwindle because lost hope was in the air.

I closed my eyes and floated for a time in a sweet ecstasy of horrible misery as a heat wave delivered it's racking servings of horror, and toxins to human, and animal life, and to anything that would be considered living, or breathing.

My God in Heaven, deliver us from the clutches , and torments of a horror designed to peel the skin from the flesh of life. Horrid whelps, round, and black, and circular tortured my back, my body, and all that I am, as a hungry killer reaped a whirlwind of victims.

Some poor souls died in their attics from the rising acidic toxic poisoned water. Animals, and beasts created by God died in the massive heat, and toxic water as starvation, drowning , and abandonment caused animals , and pets to be left behind.

I suffered in and acute painful, vicious, and horrible misery as I sat in a chair with my cat in my arms listening to my poor sweet animals that I loved, wheeze for air, and oxygen.

I could not bare the terrible heat wave that numbed my mind as my consciousness shifted in ,and out of my delirious delusion ed mind. Everything around me either floated, sank, turned , or swing ed , or felt unreal , or unsure under my feet , or in around the circumferences of my personal perimeters.

In my wavering consciousness my body floated , and would sometimes sink in a sweet , and wonderful void as if God gave me a merciful path from my suffering , from the agony of a time, when sweltering heat tormented flesh.

I managed to look in a mirror when I had the strength, and was shocked by the sight of myself . I saw the large black circles that had formed on my skin, and body. My high blood pressure, and the heat wave were slowly killing me. I would sit down before I fell down, and would sink into my chair , and would just stop moving .

With my blurred eyes I saw my poor sweet cats breathing so hard. When Joann came back home she saw what happened, and immediately brought me a cool rag that had been dipped in cold water that had melted ice. Ice was like Heaven.

I told her to take care of Whitey because he was really sick, and exhausted . She picked him up to carry him, and cooled him off with a cold towel of cool water. The cold told seemed to give us our lives back.

Hurricane Katrina killed so many people, and left so many homeless. I sent Joann, and Becky away to safety, but I stayed with our pets because I did not have the heart to leave them behind.

And so it was I made my choice of near death rather than leave behind God's creatures, our pets, our cats. And the aftermath of the heat nearly took my life, and our animals.

When it was all over, Joann returned with Becky. And Joann gave , and brought me and Whitey good food ,and with Whitey's aged old eyes, he raised his head in joy for the return of our family.

Hurricane Katrina was the worst thing in all of history, and I knew why. Because it left behind so much sadness, death, torment, suffering, and homelessness.

Twice, the President of the United States came to Louisiana to help our poor state, and our poor people to recover from that oceanic monster that was conjured from the bowels of hell.

Senior citizens drowned, suffered, and died in a nursing home. People died in the streets because of the horrible situations, and heat wave. People died in their homes, and some in their cars, and on top of their cars. The ill, or sick, died for lack of controlled conditions that would normally have been necessary to sustain life. People died that were fragile, and tender, and soft in their hearts, and in their bodies. Thousands of homes were flooded, and destroyed, and hundreds of thousands of people had no more homes to return too.

When I saw New Orleans I could not hold back my emotions as I cried for all that suffered, and died, and that were left homeless ,and thought about how fortunate we were to still have a home even if all we live in is a house trailer. I stayed with my poor animals even when news reporters said that house trailers would become our coffins so get out of them, or else. I thought the beast would whisk our home away like a ragging atomic bomb, but it did not. The winds were hard, and mighty, and my front door flew open a dozen times until In tied it down.

I sent Joann, and Becky away, and insisted that they not stay with me, or with the animals. I insisted that they go into safer quarters, and they went. And they did not return until I said they could return to better conditions.

When it was all over, people that were better off than I , kindly brought us ice that we could store in our freezer until the electric came back on , which did not take long. The wonderful feeling of cool air took the misery away from me. Ice to me is like Heaven. Never take it for granted.

Air conditioning may not sound like much to someone else, but if you're sick, or old , or taking a lot of medication, you can not survive without this common comfort. The heat without cool air is what killed the old people besides their drowning to death.

It felt like pure Heaven when our electric returned, but for many people it took much longer because of the fallen trees over power lines, and because of so many torn up power poles it took more days, and sometimes weeks for others to have electricity.

Hurricane Katrina hurt Texas, Mississippi, and Louisiana badly, and other states as well.

Many people were relocated to other states. Many never returned home because they had no homes to return too. Many lived for long years in little camper trailers in odd little places everywhere. I could talk about what this storm for a long time to come, but I will let it be, and just simply say that I was blessed , and our little animals were blessed to remain alive.

This Hurricane destroyed the beauty of our property. It struck six years ago, and I am an old man now still trying to clean up the mess made by that beast. I still try every day when my body allows me to work a little. It destroyed part of our livelyhood years ago which was a gift shop that contributed nearly a thousand dollars a month to our income. It destroyed our shop in less than five minutes.

Now it is all in the past. And to hell with that thing . Our lives go on. I have my Social Security. Our daughter that never could walk receives a dissability. We make our ends meet, and we thank God for it.

What is left of me is my mind, and my ability to write, and to take care of my family the best I can , and I definitely will do exactly that. So life goes on, and our dreams go on like everyone elses dreams go on. But most of all we have God, which of course is all we ever really need or needed, and God's loving little creatures for which I will never leave behind as long as there is breath in me.

God Bless Everyone.


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    • stars439 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

      Dear RevLady : Joann came home a little early while it was still hot, so all I could do was to use my crutches to walk outside to sit in a chair beside the highway. I painted the word HELP ! on a piece of card board box, then sat under the sun.

      A van with a woman, and young sons brought me bags of ice, while the red cross and helpers brought food in boxes of army rations , and food to everyone. I was so happy to see all the love that came out of the hearts of people to help the bad off people. The people went into our house trailer, and brought Joann and Becky fresh water and ice. Fortunately for us, we only had to do without electric a short time. It was a horror, but it brought out a lot of love in many good souls.

      God Bless you precious heart. Your my angel, and everyones angel.

    • RevLady profile image


      7 years ago from Lantana, Florida

      Thank you for sharing how God brought you through difficult times. It is a testimony to His goodness and His undying love for His children. All glory to His name!

      Forever His

    • stars439 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

      Dear sherrylou: This is not the end of the world precious heart. God delivered us from that beast, by the love of many good people who helped our state recover, and other states as well.

      My family is doing fine so do not feel troubled. It happened a long time ago. God Bless you precious heart.

    • sherrylou57 profile image


      7 years ago from Riverside

      This gave me chills, stars! I pray for the people who are suffering and all around the world! May we all cry out to, Jesus, for we are in our last days!!

    • stars439 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

      Phoenix, Thank you for your comments. God Bless You.

    • Poohgranma profile image


      7 years ago from On the edge

      You and I have a heart for our animals, as does my husband Gary. He will not go to the basement when there are tornado warnings because we have to go outside and lift a heavy iron door to get to our basement which makes it impossible to get all of the cats and two dogs to safety.

      You have written a haunting and chilling recall of what you suffered and what the people around you suffered. With all of this flooding, it brings back memories. As tragic as it is, your writing continues to improve with every article and story you write!


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