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Different Kinds of Sideboard Furniture

Updated on December 7, 2017

Sideboard furniture is a fairly broad term for a category of furniture for home and garden that perhaps is best described as very stylish storage cabinets. A sideboard is a wooden chest that is usually around waist height. The sideboard will normally have some configuration of doors and drawers on the front. Sometimes it simply has two doors that open to a large, wide open storage space. In other versions the sideboard will have several drawers and smaller storage spaces that might be accessible from inside larger doors, or each space might have its own door or drawer visible from the outside.

sideboard furnitureWhile most sideboards will generally follow the description laid out above, there are many different styles and purposes of sideboards. Originally, sideboards were designed for the upper class of Europe several hundred years ago and were used in the dining area as very stylish storage pieces for cutlery, linens, and anything else that needed storage in the dining area.

Antique sideboard furniture is very popular and has developed a niche market all its own. It is quite common for an antique sideboard to be sold for a large sum of money. These pieces have been passed down through families for many generations, and the price depends on everything from the age and condition of the unit to the material it is made from.

Modern sideboard furniture is not all that different from those pieces that were made hundreds of years ago. Oak remains a favorite material for modern sideboards. An oak sideboard is likely to last a very long time and a large percentage of those antique pieces that are still in use today were made from oak. The biggest difference today is the availability of mass produced sideboards. The price range for modern sideboard furniture is very wide, and this is a big reason for the price differences. If a piece is made by hand and contains elaborate etchings, it stands to reason it will be much more expensive than something made by a machine in a factory. Add to this the hand made piece is one of a kind, while the mass produced piece is one of thousands. You can begin to see why the prices can vary so much.

Modern sideboards are often referred to as buffets. This is because of the flat top that is usually just the right height for serving family style meals. Buffet sideboard furniture is really no different than any other sideboard furniture. It is just a different term used to describe the same thing. You may also hear it referred to as a dining room furniture sideboard, or an antique furniture sideboard. If the term sideboard is in the name, you can be sure we are all talking about the same thing.

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