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Different Materials Used to Produce Garage Doors

Updated on August 20, 2013

Garage doors are definitely one of the most crucial parts of a garage. It serves as the portal connecting the inside and outside of your garage. The garage door also serves as the protective barrier to deter thieves from breaking in. With the help of garage doors, you will surely have a safer and stronger parking space for your car.

The effectiveness of your garage door will be determined by the materials used to build it. When you are preparing to install doors for your garage, it is a must that you also consider what material you should use. Read the following to know more about the available materials you can use in building your garage.


This is the most common material used in constructing a garage door. There are many good reasons people choose steel over other types of materials. First and foremost, it is readily available in various markets. It can easily be found. Another is that steel can easily be formed in various designs and painted according to your preference. Steel is durable and low maintenance as well. You can buy steel in very reasonable and affordable price.

Of course, if there are pros, there are also cons when it comes to steel. It can be a bit noisy when you try to roll it up. Steel easily conducts heat during warm weather. Thus, if it is summer, the inside of your garage can be too warm. The reverse can also happen during the cold weather. You will spend more electricity just to keep your garage warmer during winter.

When you are in the process of choosing steel materials, you need to consider its thickness. Obviously, the thicker the steel, the costlier it will get. Just think of it as an investment when you buy thicker steel as this will last longer.


Aluminum garage door is closely associated with steel when it comes to its strength and durability. The advantages of aluminum are its light weight and lesser cost. On the other hand, aluminum can easily dent, fold, and even bend. Nevertheless, aluminum is the best choice if you are looking for the strength of steel under financial constraint. Moreover, aluminum is more customizable and flexible.


Wood can be appealing for nature-loving people. Since it looks more natural and aesthetically impressive, most people will opt for wood. In addition to this, wood is cost-effective and stylish at the same time. Wood can be painted to make it look more impressive. You can also add windows with this type of garage door. Moreover, wood is better insulator compared to steel. One drawback with wood is it is high maintenance. You need to refinish and maintain it more frequently.

Wood Composite

Wood fibers can be recycled to produce wood composite. Think about wood composite as the combination of wood and steel. Therefore, you can acquire the pros and cons of wood and steel in one material.

These are some of the materials used to create garage doors. Be familiar with these materials and you will make better choices in the future.


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