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Different Styles and Uses of Net Curtains

Updated on January 16, 2011

Net curtains are a great choice in many homes. They offer several benefits and are available in different styles and designs. Many people choose this type of draperies because they help eliminate unwanted light and they give the room a more elegant look. Not to mention that these style of draperies are great to use in situations where you don’t need to ensure your own privacy. When you compare the different designs of net curtains you will notice that they are separated into different categories. A cafe style curtain is one category that you will find. Cafe curtains are a wonderful way to go if your goal is to cover only part of the window. This style of drapes does not restrict a lot of light and they also do not prohibit the view. Most draperies in this category would cover only half the height of the window, but would run the full width.

Jardinières is another category that you may notice. This style of draperies offers more privacy than the cafe style does because these cover the entire window. This style offers an elegant appearance, when compared to others, and would be best used inside a bedroom or a living room.

Voiles are yet another category that is available. This style is less flamboyant than the jardinière style; however a great benefit of these is they somewhat reduce the ambient light that flows into the room. Sheer curtains are available in a wide selection of patterns and designs. They are sure to please anyone whose tastes range from basic to intricate.

Net curtain panels are perfect for almost any room and any setting. With the variety of styles available you are sure to find the perfect curtains to use inside your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living room.

If you are a person who likes to think outside the box, then you would not be surprised to hear that these draperies are perfect to use for other purposes other than covering windows. An example of this may include using these drapes to divide a large room into more private sections. This would be a good strategy to use if you want to divide up your loft.

Another great idea would be to use these draperies in place of doors. You could greatly affect the overall mood of your bedroom if you took off your sliding closet doors and replaced them with your favorite style of net drapes.

The main thing to remember when decorating your home is that the sky is the limit. There are no official rules and it is okay to use your imagination and create an environment that you love to live in. Net curtains are not very expensive and are a great way to show your own style within your own home.


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