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Different Types Of Window Decoration

Updated on October 18, 2012

There is a lot to know about window decoration, more so then can be learned in a single article like this one. Home design and feel is impacted by window decoration, so when it comes to designing a home, treating windows with lots of respect will keep your home looking and feeling more then just a house. Shades, blinds, valances, curtains, etc, etc. The styles and choices to choose from never seem to end. Before you go all crazy with buying blinds, you need to think about what you want, what you need, and what your tastes are.

Needs, Wants, Tastes

When it comes to picking blinds, take a moment to think about the reasons to get blinds. Your needs may or may not be privacy, child and pet safety, lighting requirements, and other things like that. What do you want? Wants can be things like choices between getting drapes, and not curtains, getting the window treatment that lowers heating costs, is cheaper then other choices. When you have few choices left, it is time to figure out what does not make you gag when you look at it. Your personal tastes can never be compared to others, so this is something you and only you can decide. Make sure what you choose will look good to you later as well, not fun having to buy new treatments later before it is needed.

Window Mini Blinds
Window Mini Blinds

Window Blinds

While more of a covering then a real decoration, it can have a big impact on how the other treatments look on the window. Blinds are a top choice over other types of coverings when it comes to the home.

Wood Blinds: These are an expensive choice, and great to have if you can afford them. They only have a few drawbacks, one being cost and the other being that if they become damp they may warp. Dry dusting will solve this, unless you live in some climates. Wood blinds are very light weight and very strong, making them a great choice.

Mini Blinds: these blinds are common found in new apartments. They are very cheap, very easy to break, and made of some sort of plastic. Most of the time when going about window decoration, one would choose a different covering instead of mini blinds, but if you do this on the cheap, these are the way to go.

Faux Wood Blinds: A cheap alternative to wood blinds, with many draw backs. These blinds are weaker then real wood blinds and very heavy, making these blinds easy to break if messed with. If that is not a problem, these could be the answer to your need for cheap wood blinds.

Horizontal And Vertical Blinds

Blinds can be both vertical and horizontal, both are great for different scenarios and locations. Be it windows, doors, etc.

Horizontal Blinds: These blinds have slates that go left to right. Good for windows.

Vertical Blinds: These blinds, have slates that hang up to down. Good for sliding doors.

Bamboo Shades
Bamboo Shades

Window Shades

Window shades are made of many different types of materials, mainly fabrics, there are single and multiple fabric shades. When the shades are drawn they will collapse on itself, letting light into the room. Once let down, privacy and shade is given.

Honeycomb Shades: This type of shade gets its name from the fact it has a honeycomb pattern. This is a result of how the fabrics are put together. This is a great style of shade if you want great energy saving. These shades will help keep heat in, or out of you home.

Bamboo Shades: These shades are made of wood, unlike other fabric shades, these are harder to clean and maintain, but they look wonderful in the home.

Roller Window Shades

Roller shades are great way to get away from blinds. Lighting and privacy are no problems when it comes to shades. Each type of shade gives you similar results. Roller shades do no fold in on itself like normal shades, they "roll" up and down.

Solar Window Shades: These shades are great when you want some light, but no harmful rays or heat. These also let you see outside, so it is a great choice for an office setting

Blackout Shades: When light is the last thing you want, these shades will keep the outside, on the outside.

Blinds on Youtube


Curtains can change the feel of a room just like blinds, so here are a few examples of different types of curtains.

Panel Curtains:  A very basic curtain, these use panels and can be found everywhere, as well as made out of almost any fabric.

Cafe Curtains:  like the panel curtains, only shorter to be able to hang lower. This allows light over the top, so privacy can be maximized without losing too much light. This is used in places like a cafe, so they are called, cafe curtains.

Tiered Curtains: These are curtains made in to be layered with other curtains and with a valance.

Window Drapes with a Valance
Window Drapes with a Valance


Drapes are formal versions of curtains, they are all about style, and less about being useful. Drapes normally hang to the floor and "drape" over the window. Some do not know the real differences between drapes and curtains. Simply put, drapes are formal and lined, curtains are informal and unlined.

Curtain Rods

The curtain rod is hardware for curtains to hang, unless you get a valance, it is a good idea to use something besides any old thing you can find. if your curtains or window does not go with the rod, it could have odd results.


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