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Different Types of Pool Cleaners

Updated on July 25, 2013

Different Types of Pool Cleaners

Pools are any small or immense body of upended water. Pools of the water have many different types. Swimming pool, reflecting pool, tide pool, play pool, freeform pool, diving pools, geometric pools, negative edge pools, lap pools, perimeter Overflow Pool and spool.

Swimming pool is an artificially surrounded form of water that is envisioned for swimming. Plunge pool, is a small and profound body of water. Reflecting pool is a low pool intended to reflect a surroundings and its edifice. Stream pool, is a silent slow-flowing portion of the stream. Tide pools is a rocky pool into a sea shore which stays full with seawater or salt-water when the current or the drives out. A play pool classically is not deeper than five ft. Play pools are usually are constructed for relaxing in and chilling off, water sports are usually played in this type of pool. The freeform pool is a naturalistic pool or lagoon like pool. It is typically has a rock landscapes and it is made to satirist an oasis. Diving pools are usually about 8 and 1/2 feet deep and with a platform or jumping board. Geometric pools are typically have a very conventional outlines or steady radius and they are classically more old-style looking. A geometric pool can look more upscale and formal. Negative edge pool is getting more mutual and needs a professional to build. They are also termed as infinity edge pools or the infinity swimming pools. Lap pools are classically long and narrow, typically about 50 feet, in order to facilitate swimming and exercise for fitness and health. The Perimeter Overflow Pool, this is a pool in which the water level is the same as on the top of decking. Round the pool border is a notch or channel that allows the water to drains into generating a visual masterwork. It then appears like a large mirror attached on the ground. The spool, it is a combination of a spa and pool. Spools are classically king-size spas somewhere that is around 12’ X 14’. Regrettably, because of construction matters, spool is not essentially less classy than the average swimming pools. They are easier to maintain because of a smaller size, and spool positively one of the best option for a very small lawn.

What is a Pool Cleaner

Pool cleaners are designed to maintain a good quality of any type of a pool. Pool cleaners has three basic categories that to choose from that fits different budgets and needs. Pool cleaners perform ominously well than using any chemicals for cleaning, they unceasingly wash out debris and dirt from the pool all over the day. The suction pool cleaner is the most prevalent kind of cleaner and they are also considered the most inexpensive. The tube is attaches to a side port or skimmer in the pool and suction is produced from the pump of pool. The cleanser moves about the pool in unsystematic patterns and places the debris to the filter. It’s stress-free to set up and sustain, nonetheless it does not perform well in congregating up large amount of leaves. It is suction is reliant upon the force from the filters and the filter should be kept dust free.

Different Types

The manual pool cleaners, for it to manually use the pool vacuum head to clean pool for at least once a week and depending on the size of the pool that can take several hours to clean. Most of the consumers are navigating away this kind of cleaner. Indeed, it’s cheaper but nowadays most consumers prefer to spend a large amount of money if it saves time for the reason they are too busy.

The pressure pool cleaners are a little bit more costly, but they perform more proficiently. The cleaner tube is attached to a pool return, which is then the water runs to the pool from filter. It goes off as an extra pump or booster pump in order to shove pressure over a line to the pool to the cleanser. The strength of the water generates a negative pressure and pushes the cleaner and debris and dirt are placed into the pool's filter and into the bag. The usage of the inner bag means leaves and dirt can be gathered without blocking the filter. The force cleaner is tougher to install and work on, however is more suitable to use when placed together.

Automatic or the robotic, pool cleaners such as these are the most effective kind of cleaner. It gets power from the electricity connection from the home, by the use of transformer it changes the electrical current into a safe level. An automatic cleaner is run through a timer, which is typically one to four hours and they get finished the cleaning in a little amount of time.

The other types of pool cleaner are the automatic pool cleaners, they are considered as pressure cleaners or suction. These pool cleaners are ease and known to be the most standard and also because of the automation and its cost. Selected good example of some automatic pool cleaners comprises the dissimilar Polaris Pool Cleaners like the Polaris 65 use for the above ground pools or Polaris 280 or 360 used for in ground swimming pool.

The latest pool cleaner that is far-reaching the state is the robotic pool cleaner. Robotic swimming pool cleaners are stress-free to operate and to use, it only needs to plug when ready to clean. There are no extra supplies or tools needed. Robotic cleaners are more costly compared to the manual or the automatic cleaners but to those busy consumers prefer purchase since it save time.

Robotic cleaner has its feature that built-in filtration system. They are no longer attached to a pool filter or pump. It is flung already at the pool when cleaning is essential, and then reserved back out. It aids circulation of the water in pool and contain an inside bag to stock leaves, dirt, and some other debris, and it is simply removed. For the reason that it has its self-governing system, it is easy to fix and regulations are not essential.

The automatic cleaners perform most effective work at cleaning and others even brush the bottommost level of the pool. Their transportability, together with the capability to function numerous models with remote control is simply makes them the most expedient choice.

Specific pool cleaners

Battery Powered Pool Cleaners

The battery powered pool cleaners will allow you to clean your pool without being hook the cleaner into your pool same with a larger cleaner. These cleaners are stress-free to use and hand held when there is a need to clean the pool steps or the slight area with debris or dirt.

Above Ground - Suction Cleaners

The above ground - suction cleaner is expending the power of the pool's filter and pump system to slurp up debris and dirt that are lying in the floor of the pool. Stress-free to operate and use, it just need to be clean when not in use.

Above Ground - Robotic Cleaners

The above ground robotic cleaners are prepared with the handler in mind. A lot of cleaners originated with easy to program setting and easy to use that makes any pool cleaning easy and fast. Do not tangle in bulky hoses, get a robotic cleaner and stair in the impending of pool cleaner technology.

Suction Cleaner Leaf Traps

The suction cleaner leaf trap gathers the floating leaves and the some huge debris that is present in the pool before reaches the filter in the pool when the cleaner slurps it up. This then intensely decrease the requirement to wash out the strainer basket that is situated in the skimmer and pump.

Inground - Suction Cleaners

The inground suction cleaner is uses the power of your pool's filter and pump system this is to suck up debris and dirt that is located in the floor of the pool.

Above Ground - Pressure Cleaners

The above ground pressure cleaner is connected to the pool's return line this is to pressure clean the pool. While debris and dirt are darned up, then the cleaner swishes by and latches all particles into an stress-free to clean filter bag.

Inground - Robotic Cleaners

The inground robotic cleaners are also made with already a user in mind. It needs the bulky hose not to be tangled.

Inground - Pressure Cleaners

The inground pressure cleaners are connected to the pool's return line in order to pressure clean the pool. Whereas the debris and grime are blasted up and the cleaner swings by and hooks all the particles.

Inground - Commercial Robotic Cleaners

If your huge pool requires to be clean, then conventional pool cleaner is not the one that you need, to perform the job, commercial robotic pool cleaner the one you need. It’s the commercial robotic pool cleaner that basically completes the cleaning of a pool similar to a typical robotic cleaner.

Suction Powered- Soft wall Pool Automatic Cleaner

This is the top-of-the-line cleaner that will work with all the main brands of the soft side pool and cleans automatically the bottom of pool. Remove leaves, dirt, twigs debris, bugs, pebbles and even sand. This bumper anti-stick and fin design ensures increased maneuverability and an all-out coverage.

How to Maintain A Swimming Pool - Clean and Test Pool Water


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