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Different Types or Kinds of Exotic Fruits

Updated on March 23, 2013

What would you feel when you have an opportunity to eat an exotic fruit for the first time. The experience can be unforgettable for you will be eating a fruit that is truly delicious, sweet, juicy and hmmm mouthwatering. You will certainly feel like you are in paradise.

Exotic fruits pictures or images

Miracle fruit
Miracle fruit | Source

Here is a short list of wonderful and truly delicious fruits that will certainly leave a great taste in the mouth:

Miracle Fruit (Synsepalum dulcificum)

This small berry comes from an ornate tree and you will know that it is ripe when it already has a red color. The fruit bears a thin pull and anything sour that you will eat will miraculously (not kidding aside) become sweet. For example, after eating miracle fruit then suck a small amount of juice of lemon you will taste it as sweet as honey.

Guava (Psidium guajava)

There are several types of guavas to choose from like the Queso de Bola, Seedless guava, the violet variety, Senyorita and other imported varieties. These fruits have seeds at its core and have flesh that is a mixture of sweet and sour. These fruits are nutritious too since it is packed with vitamin C.

Guavas | Source
Atis | Source

Atis (Annona squamosa)

Seedling trees may able to yield fruits as as two year. It can induced to bear fruit early by defoliation. Atis has a lot of seeds that are covered with white flesh that is luscious and fun to eat.

Balimbing | Source

Balimbing (Averrhoa carambola)

Varieties of this fruit (which is also called "star fruit") outside the Philippines comes in big and juicy fruits. The Philippine variety, however has relatively smaller fruits but its sweet, juicy and quite sour. Veering away from the topic a bit, the word “balimbing,” in the Philippines is used to describe a politician who keeps on changing party affiliation to his/her advantage.

Santol | Source

Santol (Sandoricum koetjape)

The Bangkok variety of “santol” is perhaps the biggest and most delicious. The white seed of the Santol can be suck to eat its flesh and you can peel the fruit and dip it in soy sauce, vinegar or even with just a small amount of salt. Santol tree is relatively big but can be grafted and maintained to small size when grown in a container.

Mangosteen | Source
Mulberries | Source

Mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana)

Dubbed as a miracle fruit because mangosteen is in abundance of nutrients and minerals. Mangosteen is also tried and tested to treat various diseases and can keep you in top shape when eaten regularly. The mangosteen tree is small and can be grown in a container.

Mulberries (Morus alba, Morus nigra)

Mulberries are small fruits, nice to eat and can be made into juice. Big-rooted branches or cuttings are preferrable for growing in container as it is low-growing.

Tiessa (Pouteria campehiana)

Rich in vitamin A, the “Tiessa’” is also dubbed as Egg fruit or Canistel. It has a yellowish flesh which is sweet and fun to eat. The tree of this fruit can be grafted or marcotted.

Tiessa | Source
Duhat | Source

Duhat (Syzygium cuminii)

This fleshy fruit that comes in purple or violet color. It is common in the Philippines and the kids here enjoy this fruit every summer. You may put some salt on it and place and shake it in a container with lid to release its juice and becomes more delicious.


The small tree of this fruit yields many small rounded fruits and smaller than the lanzones fruit. It has a mixture of sweet and sour taste. The fruits are so nice to indulge in especially after eating a miracle fruit.

Here you have it a short list of yummy fruits. Thanks a lot for the read folks!

My 4th hub in the March 2013 HubChallenge

Berba | Source


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