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Different Types of Swimming Pool Fences

Updated on June 1, 2012

Swimming pool fences

There a many types of fence for pool that you can choose but each of them has certain limitations and disadvantages depending on the structural and condition of the ground that it’ll be constructed. There are number of factors to be considered before selecting swimming pool fence equipment one of which is the condition of the ground if it soft or hard. Certain pool fence may need to be constructed with hard surface or ground such as those sorts of portable pool fences that you just drill into the ground and stick some rods as posts. Whatever you choose, make sure that it brings safety and security to your pets, child and swimming pool property.

So if you’re choosing the best for your swimming pool fence, you might want to read some of the types of pool fences equipment.

Here are the different types of swimming pool equipments:

1. Aluminum pool fence – these are type of fence that will last longer if it contain polyester powder. This will protect the pool fence from corrosion and rusting due to the elements that surrounds the pool. The fence is easy to maintain and can be easily acquired in the market. Also an Aluminum type of fence can bring an elegant look especially if it is incorporated with decorated designs.

2. PVC Vinyl pool fence – these are type of pool fences that does not require any sort of maintenance since it is not prone to corrosion and rusting to any type of surrounding pool condition. Designs can be customized according to your liking; if you want to be in its traditional fence then it can be done.

3. Chain link pool fence – these are type of fences that comes with different designs and form. It has a standard galvanized black coated finish that makes it durable. It’ll even be more durable if coated with polyester powder. This is the cheapest type of fence that will serve the purpose in blocking any pets, children and outsiders from accessing your swimming pool property.

4. Wrought Iron pool fence – these type of fence are no longer that popular and use since it does not give the type of protection and safety for your swimming pool. The child can fit and squeeze into the vertical posts to gain access which may lead to unwanted pool drowning accident. This type of fence may only last for a few years because it is prone to rusting due to swimming pool conditions.

5. Portable type of pool fences – these are fences that can be easily be constructed in your swimming pool. It’s a temporary fencing that may consist of fence panel, fence frame, post, base unit and clips etc.

6. Frameless Glass Pool Fence - these fences are made of glass that can be constructed around the swimming pool. Frameless glass pool fencing can bring luxurious look to your swimming pool while maintaining safety and privacy . Usually the glass are attach using a glass clamp to hold them together. This is now the trending swimming pool fences that you'll be seeing for most fences now a days.

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