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Dimplex Electric Stove

Updated on November 27, 2010

Dimplex adopted electric stove, since electric heating has many benefits over other fuels like; low capital and installation costs because you already have the electricity source, low running costs of both fuel and maintenance through life ownership, portable part that does not need special building arrangements or design, and safety as it eliminates the risks of toxicity and explosion.

Electricity as the source of energy offers many other benefits, like minimizing wasted energy not used in heating (losses from pipework), and far better control through sensitive thermostats.

Features of Dimplex cs3311 Compact Electric Stove

You need no installation, piping, or venting, you do not need cut wood, chimneys and smoke either . Just plug it in anywhere, and get 1500 watt heater with thermostat that warms an average size family room of up to 400 square feet, enjoying the same ambience of a fireplace.

- The remote is simply an on/off remote, which can be manually customized on the back of the unit so it can turn on/off according to your preferences.

- There are three controls on the back, a knob to adjust the heat/temperature level, a three part switch to turn the unit off, on, and remote mode, and a third switch to turn heat on/off

- Almost radiating heat with a slight force; putting out heat at the bottom and since heat rises it is no time before the room is toasty warm.

- It is super light so you can move it around the house depending on where you are

- Great flame-effect technology as other Dimplex products

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Benefits of Dimplex cs3311 Compact Electric Stove

- Some people buy it more for looks than for heat, but the added heat may come in handy too. Dimplex electric stoves have realistic 3D flames. This patented effect gives the fire depth and dancing flames.
- It reminds you of what one might find in an old farm house (on the smaller size)
- Nostalgic "fireplace in the kitchen" feeling
- It is small and will fit just about anywhere from room to room, or to a new home
- Nice looking electric fireplace
- It's fun to put a basket of wood by the stove to add to the illusion
- You can leave it in your room year round, thanks to the option of a no heat "fire"
- It is pretty safe,it has a blower underneath-so the top and sides stay cool while the heat is on. This is nice if you have pets and kids.
- If you leave it on, it can heat a large area more then its standard 400 square feet
- Definitely help with the electric bills in the winter as you can turn central heat down. Its operation costs are pennies per hour
- It is great for the environment; no wasted energy or poisonous gases

Dimplex cs3311 Compact Electric Stove Video


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