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Dirt Cheap Gardening Tips

Updated on February 19, 2016

Do you want to have a garden that your friends and neighbors will envy? An inexpensive garden doesn’t have to look shoddy or shabby, with a little time, energy and creativity your garden can look like it cost a fortune to create. Saving money is a good thing these days and with spring just around the corner, it’s time to brush up on some dirt cheap gardening tips. Here are a few things to try to achieve your goals:

* Take your hard earned money and invest in long living plants and perennials that will return season after season. A few to consider might be a daylily, Iris, Hosta or chrysanthemum. These are all lovely plants!

* Increase your harvest in small spaces by utilizing the most space by planting in raised beds.

* It would be wise to choose plants that are resistant to diseases and thereby have a longer life. Here are some disease resistant rose varieties to check out: Shrub roses called ‘All that Jazz’ and ‘Carefree Wonder’. Some Hybrid Teas to consider are ‘Duet’, ‘Olympiad’ and ‘Smooth Lady’ and some Miniatures to check out are ‘Rose Gilardi’, ‘Rainbow’s End’ and ‘Baby Betsy McCall’.

* Save money on seeds and plants by joining a local gardeners club and participating in plant swaps and exchanges. You can also swap and exchange seeds!

* Contact your local nursery and find out when they receive their shipments so you can be first in line to shop for the healthiest looking plants.

* Don’t go crazy with the fertilizers. Giving plants more than they can absorb is not only wasting money but it could be harming your plants too.

* Before you plant, make sure your soil is healthy and rich with what plants need to optimize growth. You can save money by using what’s readily available around the home. Mix your soil with compost from your compost pile. You don’t have one? Shame on you. You can also use animal manure, green manures, coffee grounds and saw dust to supplement your soil.

* Use stem cuttings and leaf cuttings to reproduce and generate new plants instead of buying new ones.

* Monitor your plants closely for insect or disease damage so you can take measures quickly before expensive damage is done.

* Don’t waste your time or money growing plants or crops that are cheaper to buy.

* Be sure to group together plants that require heavier watering than others so you can conserve water by only using it where you need to use more water.

© 2011 Jamie Page


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