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Solve your home and garden storage problems build a shed

Updated on May 9, 2013

Clutter, clutter everywhere

How many times have you asked yourself, where did all this clutter come from? If your house and garage is anything like mime, the answers are scattered all around your place. Kid’s toys, bicycles, soccer and baseball equipment lying everywhere creating a safety nightmare. Then there are the boxes of yard sale items, stuff the kids have outgrown, your spouse’s old shoes, and let us not forget the sports outfits your spouse has outgrown from their high school and college days. As if that was not bad enough, you have the lawnmower, weed eater and garden supplies stinking up the place contributing to the safety concerns.

Building a shed starts with the proper plans

12 X 16 saltbox storage shed plans
12 X 16 saltbox storage shed plans | Source

Long term storage solutions

Let us face facts; there are those items we will never get rid of. The varsity athlete’s jacket, prom dress, wedding gown and the kids first anything keeps sakes. Rare thinking people such as you, realize it is just going to keep getting worse as the years go by.

You can easily build your own storage

Build a yard shed, ah yes, that is something you have heard before, If you are reading this article, chances are you are thinking at this very moment, it is about time you, yourself get started building your own shed.

Answer these three simple questions

Where and how to get started, is easier than you think, first purchase a set of shed building plans and blueprints. Storage shed plans that contain the storage solutions you need, but only dared to dream of before now.

What is next? Pick out your very own set of shed plans you want to build, the proper size for your needs and the storage or garden shed design that matches your landscaping and home design.

● Now what do I do? Follow the easy to understand step-by-step instructions complete with blueprints, materials list, and helpful woodworking tips. Included with each set of shed plans,

Best of luck building your storage solutions, Mike

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