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Discover lawn mowing techniques that ensure a beautiful lawn

Updated on February 13, 2015

Want a beautiful lawn on the cheap?

Homeowners like you and I understand all to well, having a beautiful lawn impacts not only our homes curb appeal, but drastically influences our homes value. We are the rare thinking do it yourselfers that like to get our hands dirty and enjoy the fruits of our labor. We fertilize, weed, reseed, mow and take care of all our lawn maintenance needs. We talk about the neighbors that are too busy fishing or playing golf to take care of their own lawns, and brag to our fellow do it yourself homeowners how much money we save by not hiring one of those lawn care services. While we are on the subject, may I ask you a simple question? How would you like to know the lawn mowing secrets lawn care services do not want you to know? The secrets that reduce the need to use all those expensive fertilizers and help to control weeds at the same time, I thought you might. As you continue reading this article, I think you will Discover Lawn Mowing Techniques That Ensure a Healthy Beautiful Lawn.

Before you cut the grass

Keep Your Lawn Mower serviced and ready to Mow

Ok, I understand for many homeowners, servicing their own lawn mower is the last thing they really want to do. After all, it is much easier to call the local lawn mower repairperson. Have them pick up our lawn mower, service it and bring it back to us ready to cut the lawn. Regardless of how you choose to maintain your lawn mower, pay someone to do it for you, or do it yourself, keep the blade sharp, and the rest of your lawn mower in good operating condition. Therefore, you do not find your lawn getting out of control in spring, while your lawn mower is in the repair shop, and the grass is growing like crazy.

Sharpened mower blade cut not tare the grass blades

Absolutely Keep Your Lawn Mower Blade Sharp

Mowing a lawn with a mower that has a dull blade is a bad thing, a dull blade tears through the grass rather than making a clean cut. Tearing the grass stresses it inhibiting new growth causing the ends of the grass to turn brown. Where on the other hand a clean cut is a good thing, and stimulates new growth subsequently promoting a healthy beautiful lawn. Keep an extra lawn mower blade on hand, change, and sharpen the blade every couple of times you mow your lawn, it will make a huge difference in the way your lawn looks.

Discover lawn mowing techniques that ensure a beautiful lawn

How tall should the lawn be anyway

Absolutely Do Not Mow a Lawn Too Short

When mowing a lawn regardless the type lawn grass you have, cool season or warm season grasses, mowing a lawn to short will stress the lawn. Mowing your lawn to less than two and one half inches (63.5mm) in height simply is too short and your lawn’s health and beauty will suffer undesirable consequences.

I do realize, in spring the grass grows like crazy when it gets a lot of rain. So much so, it really gets excessively high only cutting it once a week unless you cut it short, but that is the worst thing you can do to ensure a healthy lawn. It is far better to cut the lawn twice a week in different directions each time we cut it, to between two and one half inches and three inches tall, rather than stress the grass by cutting the lawn too short each time we mow the grass.

Cut no more than 1/3

Absolutely Do Not Cut Off Too Much Grass When Mowing a Lawn

One of the most carefully guarded secrets to a beautiful lawn is, knowing exactly how much grass we should not cut, when mowing a lawn too ensure a healthy lawn, which I think you will agree with me, makes all the difference in how a lawn looks.

If you remember nothing else from this article, remember this. Cut no more than one third of the height of the grass each time you cut it to maintain a healthy lawn. This is to say, when the lawn grass is four inches tall, cut it back to no less than two and one half inches in height, and right at three inches tall to ensure a healthy beautiful lawn. Which will also keep your lawn mower working efficiently; most of today’s recycler and mulching mowers cannot handle cutting any more grass than that with out choking down the motor.

While we are on the subject of using recycler and mulching lawn mowers, to help control lawn care cost, maintain a healthy lawn and environment. We should keep in mind, the grass clippings are seventy-five percent water, and twenty-five percent nitrogen and other nutrients our lawn needs. Subsequently, Discover Lawn Mowing Techniques That Ensure a Healthy Beautiful Lawn are good for the environment, our budget, and will help reduce the amount of fertilizers, and weed killers we will need to use to maintain a healthy beautiful lawn.

Enjoy your beautiful healthy lawn. Mike

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