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Discover the Different Types of Wallart for Interior Design and Home Décor

Updated on July 15, 2016

The Different Types of Wall Art Frames and Styles of Display Materials

Displaying wallart in the home or office helps brighten up walls. Affordable art for the home makes it look better. Themed art illustrates a point of interest for the viewer. Interior Design uses art to complement colors of the surrounding interior decoration. With so many different types of art around choosing a popular theme is very easy. The rise of Print-on-Demand sites like Fine Art America, Redbubble, Zazzle, and Etsy make purchasing art for the home very easy. The quality of the art image is very good using the latest technology. Discover the different types of wallart can help you choose which format would suit your home, flat or office wall or interior the best. Wallart is not just about sticking an art image on a wall. Instead there are many types of material and finishing that can enhance the work of art when it is hanging in your house. Fine art photography blends well with the different types of wallart available today. Below you can read about the materials and finishes used for a vibrant and colorful image. Ready to hang is also very popular as a final finished product as you will see below.

Acrylic Prints for Home Decor

Wallart printed as an acrylic print creates a work of art that really stands out. The print would usually be applied to a ¼” sheet of clear acrylic, creating a smooth shiny finish. This gloss finish really makes bright and vibrant photograph art stand out. Buying an acrylic print you will have two wall hanging options for your interior. The first is a wire hanging attached to the back of the wallart. The other is aluminum mounting posts that attach directly to your home or office interior wall. An acrylic wallart photograph or image will not use traditional frames or mats. Instead its beauty relies on the gloss finish and stylish looks.

High Quality Framing For Your Wall Art

The Different Types of Wall Art Types

  • Acrylic Prints
  • Canvas Prints
  • Metal Prints
  • Posters
  • Framed Prints
  • Greeting Cards

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Print Frames Make Your Art More Valuable


Canvas Prints A Traditional Wall Art Home Decor Background

Canvas wallart prints are normally associated with traditional painted arts as the material is the same. The canvas material is stretched so it is taught. The material gives the work of art depth and texture traditionally seen by paint artists. A canvas print is usually very high quality using premium canvas stretched onto a wooden frame. The wallart canvas print then has two types of stretcher bars to keep the canvas tight. These are Gallery Wrap of 1.5” by 1.5” or the more conservative Museum Wrap of 5/8” by 5/8”. To give your wallart the best finish you can also choose the best type of quality canvas. The two choices are Glossy or Matte. Glossy Canvas has a slightly warm tone and is made from an acid-free poly/cotton blend. The finish to the gloss helps bright pigments in your artwork stand out. The reflective quality imitates a softness seen in new modern art works. Matte usually has a brighter cool white tone to the finished wallart. This canvas closely resembles the older traditional quality of original art from past masters, such as Rembrandt.

Posters Paper Choice for Wall Art Decor

Fine art posters are the ideal choice if you are on a limited budget. These works of art often come rolled in a cardboard tube (preventing damage during transportation). Perhaps better suited for student budgets or people on the move, the art can easily be rolled up and moved again. These types of art do not usually have any framing and are just on paper. For home décor the art can be stuck to a suitable wall or façade using reusable Blu-tack or adhesive tape. The only downside to poster art is that it can easily be torn or damaged during removal. Posters are usually printed on acid-free papers using archival inks to guarantee that they last a lifetime without fading or loss of color.

How to Decorate With Old Picture Frames

Framed Art for Your Fine Art Photograph

The use of a frame ensures that the poster is protected whilst on display in the home or office. The art can easily be moved around to find the best hanging area without risk of being ripped or torn. The art is still printed on paper, but the durable high-quality frame offers a fair amount of protection to the print edges. Mats help enhance and draw attention to your chosen wall art. There are two types. A Bottom Mat and a Top Mat. A Bottom Mat is closest to the frame. You can choose the color and size of this Mat when buying your wall art. The Top Mat is closer to your chosen work of art. Again you can customize the depth and color when buying your art. Think of Mats as layers that create depth to your photograph wallart. Paper is again of high quality and a choice of GSM and MIL should be available for you to choose from. GSM means Grams per Square Meter and is used to determine the quality of Fine Art Print Paper. MIL means 1/1000th of an inch and refers to the papers thickness.

Metal (Aluminum) Art For Wall Decorations

All the rage thanks to sites like metal framed art is printed on aluminum sheeting. The vibrancy of colors on the finished work of photographic art is really remarkable. Metal framed art is immune from fading normally associated with canvas and acrylic. This type of wallart will last many years without tarnishing. Wallart is printed directly unto a solid sheet of aluminum. This metal sheet is 1/16” thick. A wooden frame at the back of the aluminum (which is offset so invisible when hung) ensures your wallart stands out a little bit from the home or office wall.

Greeting Cards Make Affordable Wall Art

Greeting Cards As Affordable Wall Art Decorations

A cheaper alternative than the traditional formats above, greeting cards (although being very small) can easily be framed and used as home décor. Usually these works of photography art come in single, packs of 10 or packs of 25 so they can also make ideal gifts or presents for friends and loved ones. Quantity usually means that the more you buy the cheaper each card becomes. Although not all wallart Print-on-Demand sites offer this price break. If you want to save money you can always use Blu-Tack or adhesive tape to stick the art on your home or office wall. Sizes for this choice of affordable wall art traditionally range from 7” by 5”. Many sites such as Fine Art America allow you to type in a message for your greeting card. Greeting Cards are usually coated in a UV (Ultra-Violet) coating that protects the outside of the card from fading in sunlight.

Summary of the Different Types of Wallart for Interior Design and Home Décor

Choosing the right type of wallart for your home or office interior is really about choosing how you want to final work of art to look. Using a Print-on-Demand website you can customize your artwork to match your home interior.


High quality Art hanging on your home or office wall needs the best frame design and material to really stand out as a proud part of your home decor. You can fully customize your hanging material and frame to suit existing color schemes and personal style.


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